The problem with not being able to lock on low-altitude helicopter with an anti-aircraft tank

cannot kill a helicopter flying at low altitude because it does not lock on. How can I solve this problem?
Anti-aircraft tanks are supposed to play an anti-aircraft role, but i can only watch.


Gaijin has currently modeled the optical imaging seeker as an optical contrast seeker similar to that of the Strela. This means that instead of locking the helicopter, it locks the highest contrast. If they fly low to the ground, it presents an additional optical contrast that confuses the missile.

I’d assume we will see a fix when imaging seekers are more widely implemented, similar to how all optical seekers were modeled as IR until the Type 81 (the third vehicle with such feature) was added.


“Soviet can’t do that so neither can you”

In 4 years, as usual?


Optical shouldn’t even be failing to lock in that situation, yet it does in WT.

Should use this footage to provide a bug report.

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