The problem with new minor nation trees

Cite a source for your claim, cause it just ain’t true xD.

The hull is literally shaped different from the T-72, with the most distinguishable case for it being the more sloped front.

It’s okay boy, no need to get upset.

Forget not that I am literally the guy who put together the big ground tree for Yugoslavia and presented the details of the vehicles for it, so don’t assume why or when I look into things, especially when you haven’t… at all…

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If a vehicle has significant enough changes to play differently in game, it is not copy-paste.

A new engine, possibly armour, survivability upgrades and sighting system gives it noticeable advantages over a “T-72 hull”
It plays differently!

These are not things you can just slap onto a T-72A, in real life, or a “kit modification” in game.

And don’t tell me I need to explain why a new 1200 HP engine, spall liners, thermal sights, and armour makes it play differently.

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Well not just that, but the hull is literally different.
It’s not even based on the M-84 🤷‍♂️
Your point does stand though, it’s why the Firefly isn’t copy paste compared to other Shermans.


Cite a source it’s literally different. And that it’s not even based on M-84.

If we want to play this, cite a source that it isn’t.
Appearance doesn’t mean it is.

Let’s not play silly games and have a serious discussion without any rudeness

So much for calling me upset.

Funny how the Vihor “magically” had superior protection the the M-84A, right? /s

Welp, here you go, still waiting for yours.

You’re the one actively looking for a fight and insulting others.
Do you not see the irony of the situation?
You call us mad yet you fling around insults like it’s normal language, like you’re one of us coastal Croatians xd


Second scariest to the Serbians.

Whatever you do, don’t call them catholic Serbs.
I know some people who learned the hard way.

If Gaijin was smart and did things like how most others do this would be the case. But at this point, we don’t know.

I thought you were saying something else at first. I agree if a nation has nothing for more than 2 BR rages X.0-X.0(or would it be X.7) shouldn’t be given an independent tree tho a sub-tree in a related nation might be possible.

Lineups don’t really matter as much as more than a handful of the in-game nations already don’t have one at some BRs.
Vehicle gaps. Due to some already existing as longs in one line as long as there are some other vehicles in the other lines, it should be fine.

Unless you meant something else that uhhh- Opps I misread something then.

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It literally says there:
The evolution of tank T-72 on the territory of the former SFRY

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It also says at the very beginning how much the vehicle must differ compared to the T-72 and M-84, but I guess that’s easy to gloss over when you’re tunnelvisioned on a single point :,)
I’m almost surprised you even opened the link

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Isn’t it just based on the export variant of the T-72A? The T-72M. I may be lost here lol

The M-84 is, the Vihor isn’t

And that point is that it’s a T-72 VARIANT, which your OWN source CONFIRMS.

It isn’t tho.
It uses certain components, but it is an entirely new hull.

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Here is a great solution from @Blastertitan
Absolutely all his idea, and it may solve a lot of issues between the issues raised and the addition of new tech-trees.

We find ourselves where we are, with the USSR having been a thing and as such impacting many countries which could (should) be added to the game
What could be added for contemporaries, I don’t know, but this allows for recognition of the USSR as it stood and the notable developments of Ukraine, Georgia, maybe Yugoslavia in their own defence industries.

Again, from @Blastertitan.

(Don’t bring up B*nelux)


I intended to make an expanded version of this idea as a suggestion with him being quoted as an inspiration.


I was lost then, it’s not a T-72 but get most of it’s genetics from the T-72.

For M-84 it can be said, but M-84A differs 60% in components compared to T-72M.
Vihor even further