The problem with new minor nation trees

Holy projection

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I don’t see Israel getting a bluewater fleet either, though they could get coastal. France didn’t even receive a coastal fleet itself though despite being such a great naval power, so I wonder whether this will ever be a big thing for Israel.

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Well for the newer already ingame techtrees like Sweden, China and Israel we also have to accept the fact that the Bluewater fleets will not reach Battleship top tier.
That is something that can’t really be fixed, even if you add other nations to it.

The only option is to add blueprint design battleships.


Israel won’t get a bluewater fleet, but they have a pretty big coastal fleet tree. Considering that France got a bluewater fleet and no coastal fleet, I think a coastal fleet and no bluewater fleet is acceptable for Israel. Switzerland has neither because they’re landlocked.

That I have to sadly agree with. While the ground portion they have is amazing, the Air and Naval left a lot to be desired. Tbh tho we could live without a Naval tree

It’s valid concern.
Technically Switzerland could have a coastal fleet, but it’d be made up of just a handful of boats, so that doesn’t really count 😛

That’s your reason why!?!?

We already have nations that would need Cold War Naval or Carries/Subs etc to have boat trees.

Also, naval seems to be the last thing they care about when adding trees (if at all. with how long it took France to get its boats)

The issue is not about whether it needs cold war ships or not, it’s that Switzerland’s entirely doesn’t exist because it’s a landlocked country.

Given, the French side of things was likely quite hindered by Corona.
It’s also one of my theories why Israel got added before others while a ton of their most unique things got kept out, but that’s getting into some tinfoil theory.

Landlocked countries tend to still have navies for river patrol and whatnot, but they are never as substantial.
Hell, Serbia has a navy but it’s made up of some small boats. Same for Switzerland.

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Or just do a old style naval tech tree. That could also be the solution

To take Israel as an example. If a navy has a couple of bigger vessels that would fit in a Bluewater fleet, but are not enough to make a full bluewater fleet. Then why not add those as high tier Coastal fleet ships.

Israel has three destroyers that fit perfectly well in the high tier coastal fleet.


I agree with this. Make them high tier vehicles in a pretty big coastal fleet tree.


For naval it’s hard to truely reach top tier. Right now the meta is bigger is better. But sadly almost all the nations that truely went big in real life we already have ingame. So any future onces simply won’t reach that battleship level.

Hell most don’t even get past the light cruiser level. That includes the BeNeLux fleet.

So future navies will just be small half sized trees. And that is okay for me. As long as the ships in those trees are cool and unique.


Indeed and for some nations by the time they hit the point of having “bigger is better” for a navy, “Bigger” was Aircraft Carriers and Submarines.

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Yeah exactly. In the future we might see something like that ingame. But even then, battleships will still be a popular top tier.
Larger late WW2 subs will be hard counters to them, but the battleship popularity won’t go away I think.

Now subs vs battleships is a whole other discussion since battleships can’t counter them. But I’m going to leave that for another thread since that would be going offtopic.


Calm down dude

Go ahead, explain why that is.
I’m sure you’d know better than me, who’s dedicated hours of researching…

Can we confirm this is how development functions at Gaijin though? Not that they have seperate teams, and perhaps, one of these seperate teams can be tasked with new nations.
Feel free to clown me. I don’t know.

Subjective and an over generalisation of each suggested tech-tree.
I am in favour of sorting through tech-tree proposals and actually filtering those with no chance.

There are those with large, large gaps in BRs.
From like 4.7 to 8.0.

Those without complete lineups or lacking vehicles.

Those which could probably come as sub-trees or combine with other suggestions for one. But this would be the hardest option and I honestly think does disservice to all trees included if those trees have any merit to them.



Also, for reasons why the Vihor is a T-72 variant see the above post.
It’s because it is.
BTW homework T-sErIEs guy, do you think T-72B3 has the same components as early T-72 tanks? No, has new things too. It’s a variant. Like M-84 and this Vihor crap.