The problem with new minor nation trees

M-84 is just a T-72.

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Ok so is a Sherman Firefly as C&P Sherman?

No, base M-84 differs a bit from T-72M but not greatly, so it can’t be called copy paste.
M-84A is where it gets interesting though.

You complain, yet you still haven’t defined what you consider to be unique.

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It is, add Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia to those flags and it’s perfect. These larpers should be happy too.
Or will they whine that their Croatia thingybob country didn’t have T-36 or some nitpicky bs like that, a variant of T-34 or so and say that it’s not historically accurate because of that and thus still cry for their copy-paste tree?

You cry about copy paste, but haven’t defined what you consider to be unique, nor did you answer @StormRyder13 question about the Firefly.

You seem to be ignoring questions regarding your viewpoint because you seemingly have none.
You hate for the sake of hating and insult others over having developed and thought out opinions, making your insecurity heard to others so that you may satisfy yourself, but all you achieve is yet another headache and no lessons learned.
I urge you to do better.

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Differs slightly, playstyle wise exactly the same.

It can be argued for M-84, that I concede.
M-84A though has a significantly more powerful engine and has increased armor, making it practically a faster but slightly worse armored T-72A.

You could reasonably represent most of the Soviet bloc which has merit to their vehicles by combining nations into sub-trees into this split suggestion, if it is so much needed.

Kazakhstan and Georgia were included in that image as they were represented in the Ukraine tree.
They do not have enough to reasonably be independent trees.

Furthermore, I am not sure how much the Czech Republic or Slovakia have traction and will be added compared to the major players like Ukraine which practically was only second to Russia in arms development in the Soviet times and retained that.

On that note, be realistic and quit making these impulsive comments you know are stupid.
Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia?

Be for real.

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Don’t start with “muh insults”. Look, I made a post here… in fact two and you started with insults right away at my suggestion that those nations should be subtrees. So don’t dare cry victim. Personal attacks ie insults were started by you.

Now about your question of what I consider to be unique, clearly not another T-72 varriant, Sherman, T-34, or Lepard 2 variant. These are unique in the same sense T-72M1 is unique compared T-72B.
For example FCM 36 is unique.

Gaijin completely shot themselves in the foot by making the monetisation of the game so totally biased towards high rank stuff. There are so many cool planes thats are up to about rank 6 that I’d love to have in the game. But they will cost Gaijin as much to create as a rank 7-8 plane yet generate far less profit/grind motivation.

Combine with having to find a tree to put them in and its a real shame.


You need to get into more detail for what constitutes as unique vehicles… this is too vague.

You need to tell us your view on minor and major modifications, what you consider minor and major, when exception cases can be made, when something is sufficiently different to be considered something new… is EE-9 a copy paste M8 Greyhound for example?

And don’t complain about our insults before keeping yourself in check first. I’m holding a respectful conversation with you while you continuously fling insults at me…

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Strongly disagree, this is a terrible take. Imagine complaining that “your nation’s” vehicle is also in another tree because it was exported.
If you don’t like minor trees, don’t play them.
And there are so goddam many nations with more unique vehicles than could ever be fitted into a subtree. Look at Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, even Ukraine.

TLDR; awful take. Possibly the worst I’ve seen on this forum.


Agree its a terrible take
Minor nations will have unique stuff that would come with it but will always have some copy and paste but thats fine as people want to play that nation and what they used so what if the same vehicle from another tree there is no issue


I’d say things as requests for “historical balance” are far more criminal than this here.


This is actually what I originally wanted subtrees to be instead of just a new line in the tree and I think this is a much better solution than just adding a new line. This is best because there’s enough space for multiple lines which gets around that technical limitation @Smin1080p talked about and they can still be run with the vehicles of the main nation, filling the lineup holes. The one caveat is that, in the case of this suggestion, I do think the vehicles of the Russian Federation should be in the standard soviet tree, rather than their own branch.

Speaking of which, @Smin1080p, is there a technical limitation with this being possible or could this be done?

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Well, you know Bosnia or Montenegro might have had some armored car or something and will want it in the game (I do too, don’t care the nation) and ask for their own tree lol.
Yeah joke, still not so far-fetched seeing everyone wants a tech tree of their own (obviously filled with copy-paste and 1 or 2 more unique vehicles).

Remember when Merkava first appeared? There was no Israel tree and it was introduced as a premium in the American tree.
Now I suspect cause many people wanted these things, the israeli tree became a thing for Gaijin. Carrot for the players, holding their interest with bunch of “free” merkavas in a new a shiny tree. Adding to population (people grind for them), sales (premiums and prem accounts for the grind) and so on. Killing 999 birds with one stone. The copy-pastes and making the tech tree concept altogether into a joke being the downsides.
Same thing might happen with other nations that otherwise shouldn’t be more than subtrees…

As for subtrees, I liked Hungary, those Turan tanks, the TD, even that craptastic Csaba with its bugged gun. What I did not enjoy is that after the last Turan, more copy paste “”“hungarian”“” (in fact soviet) vehicles were added too.
Most likely because Italy needs them. I’d rather they full on napkin the italian ranks than add copy-pastes .

Here we go again with the assumptions over research…
Montenegro has no unique vehicles of it’s own, Bosnia has very few. Bosnia would have a truck mounted 155mm howitzer, a T-72M upgraded to have DNNS-2 by the Zrak company and an M8 Greyhound with an upscaled hull, new engine and BVP M-80A turret. A few trucks with RWS for policing duties as well. There’s a few technicals too, but I’m not sure whether that counts.
Nothing that warrants even a “tab sub-tree” as per Blastertitan’s concept.

And again I wonder how you consider things from the Hungarian sub-tree copy paste… only the T-72M1 directly so. Leopard 2A4 is slightly different in that it has a new machine gun, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t count.
Guess we’ll never get your expanded definition to know, always keep us guessing to work it into your advantage by having such a flexible and unstable basis ;)

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2s1, btr-80a, the t-72 you mentioned and leopard 2a4

Right, forgot about those two.
Still doesn’t explain the Csaba, Turans and Zrinyis though