The PROBLEM with *End of the line Vehicles that are not "top tier"*

So, i dont know if this was already addressed but here it is.

Im so pissed about this stupid mechanic that forces us to grind hundreds of thousands of RP for moduls for a Tank/Plane that isnt even in the top rank just because its the last vehicle in that line (7 for ground/ 8 for Air)

Like WTF is this? That isnt even fair in the slightest!
HOW am i supposed to grind (and that you can really call a GRIND) 486.000 RP for TWO 9.3 tanks???

the both tanks need 340.000 RP to research but i need a MILLION RP to get them both spaded???



You don’t like the carrot on the far end of that very long stick?