The Problem of warthunder

So i recently Mad a Post about the A-10 and it being amoved up to 10.7 br and there were a Lot of Mixed Opinions with some saying IT does good there Others saying the Atgm should get buffed and Others saying IT is too weak and i also spoke about the su-25k still being 10.0 and with the 10.0 russia Problem everyone knows the drill by now. So i dove a bit deeper into the problems of our favorit game warthunder and the snail-company Gajin and i came to a conclusion for my self and i found a Video of a Guy in YouTube who summed it up pretty good imp i dont know If you can Post links Here and this isn’t an add i just think the vid is very good so the Video is named “Infinit problems of warthunder” Made by Liniyka so maybe watch it and give your opinion on that, i would Like to hear your thougts

the thing is yes this will be an issue for as long as this game is alive but we cant do anything about it or speak up about these things due to the fact that the admins will almost immediately get you perm banned from talking or making any more topics or post so until we get the admins to stop doing that we cant speak up about anything that happens in game

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the A-10’s haven’t changed br. the A-10A(early) is 10.3, while the techtree A-10A is 10.7

They did in GRB, went 0.3 BR higher both of em.

Well, its a free game…

Yeah but the A-10 was moved to 10.7 only for ground recently Like 1 month ago i belive i has Not Always been Like that

Does that give it the right to be look down in its players and does this mean it is okay that you sell a single vehicel for the price of a single new Game? And does this mean its no problem Not to Balance your Game correctly and without Algorythem doing all the Work for you? Of course ITS free and No one forces you to play IT bjt there is also No one forcing you to Go Touch Grass and to Not Always stay in your House as Long as you are an adulte but still you could have fun outside and you could have fun playing a Balanced Game

The best vehicles in this game are NOT the premium ones which cost “the cost of a full game”.



However, there are many which do.