The Problem of War thunder

Is it just me, or is War Thunder not fun anymore? Do you remember the economy changes? I am still broke trying to buy tanks and crews. I join a battles with my IS-2, only to get destroyed by Cold War tanks and end up in an up-tier 60% of the time. The bad map design doesn’t help, with large open maps. What is my IS-2 supposed to do? Join a 10.3 battle and get bombed 90% of the time after I get 3 kills?

I don’t understand why Gaijin keeps adding tanks without doing any decompression. It just sucks repeatedly dying after 1-2 kills, encountering an OP premium tank, or self-propelled artillery cuting my tanks hole strategy. Light tanks with rounds that have half a century of technological advantage make it worse. I went from having a 1-4 average K/D ratio in early 2023 to a 1-2.5 ratio today, playing the same BR. I don’t see the point in playing the game anymore.


“Guys, I have a 2.5/1 kdr, but the game is absolutely horrible… How can I even have fun anymore not going 4/1…”

These posts are the most fun because if you can’t have fun doing that well then the problem is with you not the game. I don’t have above a 1 kdr in anything other than Naval and I have fun around 95% of the time. Maybe you need to move away from 6.7 and try somwthing different for a bit, or take a break from Warthunder for a bit.


I agree with you but the thing is i have tried other things like 4.7,3.7 but the op premiums like Sav and T-14 just ruin the br

At first glance, it seems as if you have become a little too attached to the Russian tech tree. It helped me a lot to play the other nations because then you get to know their weaknesses better and can use them to your advantage when you meet them as an opponent.
Heavy tanks are usually not very useful in a full uptier. But there are exceptions. The IS-2 is definitely not one of them.
Is Toptier your comfort zone or what you enjoy? Or do you avoid the mid-tier because of the transition zone to the Cold War era?
If the K/D is important to you, work on surviving longer.

My suggestion is to move up and try the T-44-100 paired with the BTR-80 which puts you at 7.3. Add the SU-9 and you can be fairly competitive even in a full uptier.

The T44-100 is agile, has a decent reload, AA MG, and armor that does allow bounces (depends on who you are facing). BTR-80 is great with the APDS to harass the many light to medium tanks and can destroy tracks and barrels. I found it to be a good AAA platform also, although the turret is slow.

Lastly, it’s a personal choice but investing in a premium account goes a long way in removing the negative SL issue. I purchase mine during the sales, and I’ve never worried about SL shortages since I activated it.

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i guess your right I will try some other tech-tree

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I get it, but when you aren’t enjoying youself you gotta branch out or take a break. I played US primarily, but I have Sweden, Germany, Russia, and UK that I play to keep things from being to frustrating or monotonous. It really helps.

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thats crazy

I’m more concerned with the future of the game, as we enter the present day era. I feel like we will experience more identity issues with tech trees as they become more homogenous with each update. If this trend continues, we’ll have nothing but Leopards fighting each other in all the major European tech trees.

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3 kills in a match especially with a single life is good bro, most struggle to get more than 1 kill.

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IMO leKPz M41 is a MASSIVE PAIN IN THE ASS 6.7 BR and have probably a 0.37/1 KDR…

Guess my luck is so damn bad I face that OP premium, hell, just something I can’t put a shell in, first in the match, get pissed, and try not to make a hole through my monitor while waiting for the Hangar to load.


The funniest thing is 6.7 is decompressed, no OP premiums.
Also if you’re not earning on 2.5:1… lol
I’m sitting on 40 mill on 2:1.

I’m extremely unlucky bro that day this thing OHKO my T-10M from the front, pissed me off enough not to play that Russian junk anymore.

It only has 300mm of WILDLY UNRELIABLE penetration.

Try branching out, playing some different stuff. Youve played mainly soviets, maybe try the swedes for a bit?