The problem of 04A/ PL-12/ vt4/ Spall resistant lining

Gaijin, what are you doing? Why do you have all kinds of problems every time you get a new vehicle in China? Take this version of the 04A as an example, why would the same Bakhcha-U system as the bmd4 have the same reload time as the earlier bmp3? Why is the performance of the pl12, which can be compared to the 120C-5, so unbearable?


Not the first time, L2PSO, L2a7, all of the veiche that not belong RU had suffer those question, WTF?


until now, China’s drones are still the worst, with a range of only 6KM and the lowest TNT equivalent.
the appearance of FY4 of 99,99A does not match the damage model, and the chassis is deliberately enlarged. The shells used are dramatically 3mm less than those of 3BM60
PLZ83 is the worst among all SPGs and has not received any gain until now
Q5L has no flares, not even an AA missile
snails keep taking money from Chinese players, but they allow developers to treat Chinese players like fools. greedy and insincere