The premium Ki-61 was up-ranked. Why?

Premium variant of the Ki-61-I Hei was upranked, which meant effectively doubling its cost. It was the first premium plane I wanted to buy but this cost just doesn’t seem justified.

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it was literally announced almost two months ago.
It was upranked because of BR and Rank changes over the years as well as a genereal re-structuring of the tech trees.

I literally don’t follow WT news that aren’t in the game, and I literally started looking into premiums literally about a month ago.

“It’s changed because things we changing” is not a very good explanation, but I’ll look into it, thanks.

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You should at least read news on the warthunder home page. If you don’t want to be surprised you need to keep up with general announcements.

Remember there is a annual sale later in the year and you may see the premium vehicle for a discount. Probably 30 or 50 % off.

If you were looking to get a premium Chinese helicopter, just a reminder: Z-19E Pack (will be retired after the promotion ends 6th of October at 11:00 GMT.) It was in a recent announcement.

Yeah, learned about the sale soon after the update. Thanks!