The perfect solution against dissatisfied players: Mapdesign preset

For several years there have been many players who are dissatisfied with the map design. Some players prefer compact maps where spawns are close together for direct action.

Other players want a more realistic experience and prefer long-range combat, open and large maps in order to be able to take advantage of the functions and characteristics of their tanks.

Many players are dissatisfied with the current map design and this often leads to players either going back to the hangar right at the start of the game or many leaving the match immediately after the first death. The frustration runs deep.

The recent changes to the maps have made the problem even worse. Not only in the forums, but also in the in-game chat, dissatisfaction with the map design can often be seen.

The frequency of close-range maps also seems to have increased significantly, which is why sniper players in particular are extremely dissatisfied.

But what’s the point if you just complain and don’t offer any solutions? I can very well imagine that Gaijin is also willing to offer players a satisfactory solution.

I even have a very simple solution to this problem! A suggestion here would be to be able to select a general preset for maps.

For example a choice of 3 mapdesign presets:

-Close range (city maps etc.),

-Ranged combat (wide fields with cover options and realistic flora),

-Balanced (all maps).

There are enough maps and active players that there would be a lot of variety and full servers here too.
This would help everyone and there would be fewer dissatisfied players.

I believe that my suggestion would solve a lot of problems and increase the satisfaction of all players.
I would be happy if my suggestion was noticed by gaijin employees.


Your suggestion matches my own thoughts. But frankly I think they can see that the majority want small, close maps with limited strategic options.

Those who prefer larger maps with variety are insignificant in number and don’t represent a revenue stream worth catering to. So insignificant that it’s not worth even engaging in dialogue with that subset of players.

What I feel is like with Flanders and Maginot line… They’re mixes, yet people still want to play them their way, and can’t stand that they’re not quite the way they want, and then get upset on the regular when they actually encouter them.

Much of the dislike comes from their death on a map, or them not getting kills.

And that almost comes across in any dislike of any feature and implementation of change in the game.

I have been playing the game since Beta. Instead of offering a solution, they could, for …

  1. stop making everything new so small
  2. stop making everything old even smaller
  3. revert map changes, bring older slightly reworked big maps back, use terrain features to block of certain map sections instead of slapping deathzones on it

They have the maps and had them since the beginning, but instead of working on them, they just make them worse and worse. There is a saying, that they do not fix with precision, but with a hammer.


It’s almost 2024 and they still haven’t figured out maps should have a bit of everything, because we have so many vehicles that aren’t versatile and simply need a map feature that caters to them.

Some vehicles are purposely built as snipers, so forcing them to engage in a CQC knife fight is a clear sign you have no idea, or simply don’t care, about how the vehicles you’ve added should be played.
This can be applied vice versa as well.

Their laziness is on it’s peak now, so instead of fixing areas that they deem are unbalanced, they just slap a red zone on it and call it a day.
What they did to that ridge close to C on Maginot Line is beyond ridiculous. Both sides had access to it, but for some reason they had to make it a no-go zone.

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To be honest, I don’t know a single person who prefers small winding maps. That’s why I don’t think the group of people who would prefer large and open maps is small.

If this preset function would be implemented in the game, everyone would be able to decide for themselves.

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It makes no sense, but here we are. Rank VIii vehicles are anticipated. Can you imagine those vehicles on the tiny maps? A nightmare…