The pass cannot be completed again

Bugs that appear every time a new task is created. Don’t programmers know how to rectify it

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Yeah, Battlepass Skilled Lunge doesn’t seem to be recording progress.
I’ve had Double Strike etc. battle awards a few times recognising 2 or more kills in a matter of seconds, but the challenge progress bar isn’t moving from 0/10.

Is it just the Skilled Lunge challenge, or are daily and special tasks not working again like last time this occured?

Have you bug reported it?

Somebody has

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“Умелый выпад” // // Issues

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Heres hoping they have fixed it before i get on tonight then

Forum Rule 3.6: “reporting game bugs, errors, or other flaws is not permitted.” (Link).

Not my place to close it, just pointing it out.

If it has already been reported, would they class discussing it as reporting it?

It’s working now