The "participate in battles with smaller team sizes" option is COMPLETELY useless

I have not got ONE. SINGLE. MATCH. that hasn’t been 16v16 in a whole week. Not a single one, out of 50.

I only got a few 12v12s the first two days after the update was released (and those were the only matches I actually had fun on Top Tier Air RB) and that’s it. Not a single time more ever since.

Players should have the option to completely OPT OUT for large matches. Otherwise it is completely useless, as it has proven to be by now.

I would rather wait for 10 seconds instead of 3 seconds if it meant my matches could actually be fun and dynamic instead of the stupid kamikaze furball-into-snowball chaotic mess most 16v16 matches are.

I just will never play Top Tier Air RB ever again until this is solved. 16v16 is. Just. Not. Fun. for anyone who wants to do more than going on a kamikaze head-on to luckily get a kill before blowing up.

Well, all of this is not mentioning that 16v16 should just not exist in Top Tier. But if Gaijin really does not want to take that step, at least let most of us who hate it get rid of it.

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It should’ve been enabled by default. Instead of being an opt-in mechanic, you would need to opt-out to get into larger matches.

I also really hope they apply it to all BRs, since 16v16 sucks even in prop BRs.


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If the setting is there, and the setting is functional, then it would imply that the desire for the smaller games isn’t what some parts of the community thinks it is.

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Most of the times I come across multiple players stating that they either didn’t know about the setting, or that they have it enabled too to no avail.

Of course this being a hidden setting turned off by default which most people wouldn’t learn about without checking the Forums or Patch Notes doesn’t help.

Wow. A post from Spanish I can agree with. As Ion mentioned, this should be a default option.
Although I have gotten small matches at 10.0 which makes me wonder if that has to do with the amount of people playing things like top tier since I have yet to get a small match there.
If they wanted to fix 16v16 the game should have more airfields on EC maps, not just one in the center, and force a nice little “half the team spawns left, half right” kinda thing.


To be fair, the war thunder UI is a case study in hidden options and undiscoverable functionality. It’s in dire need of an overhaul and bringing up to date.

Perhaps part of the UI could be re-purposed to boost hidden functionality like this.

I would suggest that the pages of history section of the UI gets dumped, I doubt anyone really uses it, then that area could be re-used to boost new features and settings and stuff…

tldr :- Options like this need boosting more and to be more discoverable. Same with night battles.


The option’s main purpose is most definitely to gauge how large and dedicated the group asking for smaller matches really is.

If people aren’t enabling the option, then they either want larger teams, or they’re not dedicated enough to keep up with patch notes and/or community discussions, which amounts to the same thing.


Why is it that anytime queue times come up, people make up random numbers based on absolutely nothing?

Just an example. 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds or a full minute, I don’t care- I would rather wait a full minute (which I doubt it would be the case) than see a single 16v16 match in Top Tier Air RB ever again.