The PARS 3 needs a buff to it's tracking capability

What I mean by that is that when there are multiple AFVs close to each other (even wrecks count), the PARS missile usually switches off the initially locked target. This behavior should be remedied for the PARS as it makes it virtually impossible to kill things such as SPAA or people that simply drive by a wreck.

Targeting individual parts of a tank, such as ammo, crew etc. is already impossible to the FnF nature of the missile, but the lack of post penetration damage requires you to shoot two or sometimes three missiles at a target to kill it.

So simple solutions would include:

Wrecks simply don’t count as valid “targets” for a missile.

Targets become “tagged” and everything else that is a valid target will be ignored.

The same applies for the locking on phase of the missile. It loves to “jitter” between targets. The same issue exist as already listed above.

As far as I know its a bug that has been reported already several times over the last year or year and a half. If you compare Videos from two years ago to its actual performance its a really hard downgrade in terms of performance. Furthermore its also underperforming in terms of warhead as it should have 9kg instead of the 3kg it currently has. The easiest comparison for that is the Hellfire which roughly has the same dimensions and has a 9kg warhead. Additionally the Pars is missing its top down attack as in reality it has two modes being either fnf with option of saclos guidance or top down fnf.

Even the damage is just a joke! Tandemwarhead often doesnt penetrate Kontakt 1 armor…

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