The OTHER solution for GRB CAS and every other problem in War Thunder

Just make a game mode that is more fast paced, has more respawns and fewer restrictions on respawns. Sort of like April Fools events.
People will complain far less about deaths and inaccuracies if they’re not worried about spending 10 minutes just getting to a position, or losing 20k SL per death.

Arent you just describing Ground AB?


No. Ground AB has undesirable features like marking of enemy locations and seeing through foliage. The level of visibility and situational awareness should remain at RB levels.

So Ground AB without markers.


10 minutes getting to position? On what map?

Sounds like ADHD problem, not Warthunder problem :D


And realistic performance like RB output power, yes.

Figure of speech.

Now you have lost me, because thats just regular ground RB

Please use already ongoing topics to discuss CAS.

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