The Operation Summer is no near as grindy as craft events

It’s being a breeze to grind the event, also for those saying “it’s rather to work and buy the vehicle instead of grinding”, they missed the point of video games which is about achievement.

I played like 3 hours and made 30k points I’m even considering grinding ground too, the event is only rough if are attempting to grind all the vrehicles.

I’m just thankful that it overlaps with battlepass. I haven’t tried these new tasks yet, but I think they’ll gel with BP tasks slightly better than past events.

Do you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment?

You get 2 days to do one of these. 3 hours for 30k points, so let’s say 4 hours for 40k points. and 8 hours for two, 12 hours for all 3.

Let’s say you work normal 8 - 17 shift, let’s say you don’t spend time to get home after work and you go to sleep at midnight. So you have a total of 21 hours free time. You’d need to spend 19% of your free time for one distinction, 38% of your time for two, and 57% for three. If that is reasonable amount to you, kudos to you.


You do realize that the event is not designed for everyone to be get all three vehicles. It’s designed for people to pick one vehicle that they want and work toward that one. If they have extra time left then they can try to get a second. But really it’s just meant for one, meaning that based on your 4 hours over two days, 2 hours a night after work or school or whatever is pretty reasonable.

The previous system with tasks was actually way less time consuming and better. Also you could do air tasks if you spawned plane in GRB,now all points go into ground task.

So a crafting event is 60k score per day for 10 days for a high end vehicle and a low-tier vehicle, both sellable. Total 600k.

The equivalent in this game is 14 stars (assuming you don’t go just all ground and can do it in 10) so 560k over 20 days. Downside, only the high tier vehicle is sellable for that effort. So it’s roughly the same number of hours spread over double the time for a slightly lesser prize.

If you go for all 4 (3 sellable) now we’re talking 1.2m score or basically the same effort as a crafter (on the order of 120 hours, or 6 hours a day) but for twice as long.

Not disagreeing with OP, just restating the math.

It’s not an achievement to just spend your entire day on something, it has nothing to do with skill, ability or anything, it’s just time, an ever increasing amount of time for decreasing rewards.


As a Naval main, I love the current score-based events. Basically, each task takes about 1~2 hours to complete, so you get rewarded for the same play as usual.
I love the current format because the previous task-based events were painful to be forced to do something.


After a couple of hours I now have 25K everywhere. Will continue tomorrow

Well, it certainly is if half your team quits less than three minutes into the battle. Gaijin has to find a way to eliminate, mitigate or minimize this ODL problem. High tier play is just a mess. This seems to get even worse during events.

Points applied to achievements during events should be doubled if you stay in the battle till the end.

First playing video game is not about making a money, your comparison is no sense, if you want you can buy your way but this doesn’t make sense as gaming overall is about achievement. Not everything in life is about making money, if you are so concerned about your time value why are you playing a game in the first place?
Why would you play and grind the RPG game like Skyrim in order to achieve something if you are not going to make money? It’s not about money it’s about having fun, the event makes you earn something cool while normally playing.

Also, not everybody is paid in dollars and are wiling to sink their wallet in a game, because the Su25 BM is just one vehicle, if I was about to spend $70 for every vehicle I want I’d be screwed.

Also, you grind the event while playing the game, I play the game to have fun that’s it and not only having fun but also grinding the event as natural consequence.

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But there was a time when it was below 40k points.

You’re trying to argue about something I’ve never said, but you do you.

These events would be pretty nice if they didnt make the vehicles exclusives. Instead it is more of a “play war thunder all day for 20 days in order to get 3/4 vehicles because if you dont, you will have to spend $100+ to get them later”.

You do realize that it used to be, right? Until one or two years ago I used to do air mark in 30 minutes and ground in 2 hours playing arcade and that granted me 4 vehicles. Not anymore.

The thing is not about money ( nobody said that ), its about time and 12 hs in 2 days ( 48 hs ) you spend 1/4 grinding, in case someone wants all the rewards. Yes, you will probably argue about something like we are not forced or if we dont have/want time to spend on this we can just leave, etc.
Funny thing, Stona coment on event page "… Task system is much harder for below average players … " so I guess that below average players can go F*** them selves if they want 120K pts
Funny thing 2 : my comment asking about 20/25k instead of 40 wasn’t approved, wonder why

PS : I wont search, but maybe on this forum ( if not 100% old) lot of people asked when the vehicles would be sellable, how much time wait to sell or how much. How many players will do events with no coupons ? 50% ?