The only way to stop Premium player one death leaving is to give a permanent backup to Premium

The reason behind is simple:

Premium players don’t have a second tank in the same BR.
Currently, if you don’t get anything (less than 2 kills) in your first spawn, using a valuable backup spawn seems like a waste.
Based on the current calculation, respawning with a different tank allows you to retain kills and points gained from the first tank, which means it’s a waste of time.

So why should premium tanks be given a permanent backup?

Respawning with a second life is valuable, even if you didn’t achieve anything with your first spawn. It makes the game more intense.
Free-to-play players can benefit from having more respawning teammates.
Permanent backups can increase sales for premium.
tbh this is the only way that can stop one death from leaving.

in this way, everyone wins, gaijin get sales, f2p gets better teammates, and premium gets more rp.


forgot to say, bad maps and being fully uptier also reduce a player’s likelihood of a second respawn.

Maybe lock all premium/collector vehicles above rank III and unlock with rank progression (on all nations). And make it necessary to have several vehicles (minimum 3) on the battle deck.

it will dramatically reduce sales and profits. I don’t think Gaijin will do that unless they want to smash by shareholders.

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That wont stop them at this point there is nothing that can be done the game has spent too many years with obscene repair costs which intern prompted one death leavers, even if they reduced the repair costs to 0 it still wouldn’t fix it it’s too well ingrained in players memory to do that.

Proof that premium players 1 death leave and not just usual bad players and F2P or are you just pulling that out of your ass?
Guess what you won’t cuz we don’t do it since unless you are really bad you always broke even with P time especially in ground realistic(aka skill issue) modes.
With the new changes ppl don’t have a reason to 1 death leave even more so its fixed unless reddit karen’s that can’t play the game complain and stir up a hate mob again.

1DL is a learned habit at this point. If every vehicle had a free backup, repair costs couldn’t go negative, and your vehicle would time out if you didn’t use your backup, it would still happen a lot. I think players get really negative when they die and would rather blame the map, matchmaking, or their team so they can associate that negative experience with something outside their control and get into a fresh match. Buying top tier premiums and playing them exclusively to get to top tier vehicles already demonstrates the mindset of this portion of the playerbase. They had the choice to not play at all, play upgrading from lineup to lineup, or spend a bunch of money and only play endgame, and they chose the option that gets them the most advantage over others at the cost of everything else.

Bad uptiered game, enemy team instantly started spawn camping, but decided to respawn to put it to the test.

3 kills and 5 deaths, measly bit of SL and RP not worth my time.


Repaircost 21k.


10 minutes of my time and respawning netted me a whopping 2.7k RP and 278 SL.

Why would I willingly keep doing this and subject myself to a miserable and unrewarding experience? I could leave after my first death, I wouldn’t get spawn camped, I wouldn’t get bombed by CAS, I wouldn’t waste 10 minutes with no chance to win, I would be in a new game with capture zones, no CAS, no spawn campers and a chance to win.


The reason i agree is simple. Some people dont find it rewarding or get frustrated the moment they die. I would go as far to say a majority of premium vehicle 1dls are because A) they dont have anything else or B) They have decided the match is not worthwhile.

Is there are sure fire way to solve the issue no, because ultimately people will die that first death and from that moment decide if the match is worth risking another life. it typically isnt for those types of players.

I would say in my opinion another contributing factor to 1dl’s is the amount of bots that are on each team at the BR that has premium vehicles. it is seen quite often where they hop into some light tank and then sit in the spawn with their gun aimed nearly vertical and they dont do anything else. these bots can lead to a frustrating experience that most players dont want to deal with.

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that’s because RP = kills caps multiplied by times.
and every vehicle was calculated separately which means only backup can extend the time and give you more rewards. that’s what I mentioned the calculation is also a big reason behind 1dl.
for full uptier game, there is no reason to stay, better just leave the game and someone will join and fill the gap.

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i believe to have read that there will be a change in the direction that you get 3 entries with premium vehicles. sometime this year.

People are never going to touch a tech tree vehicle again then.

that’s okay - have my finnish leopards also without thermal. up played. you need some missions until you get to the heat image. then you just stay behind and drive behind then you can see where who shoots. is annoying but it works.