The one and done player

The one and done player is ruining the game. The sheer unbalanced gameplay makes the game not fun when getting pushed back into your spawn, cause over half the team has left within 2 to 5 minutes of the match beginning. As well as winning by pushing the enemy team into spawn after a few minutes. There is no joy in top tier anymore. Giajin yall need to focus on gameplay balance and not catering to level 10 players buying their way into top tier. This game used to be fun and one of my favorites. The last year and a half has felt like a chore to play. You guys keep “making balance changes” but forget the root of your problem. One and done players. Why is it a thing that if I bring a full lineup and I die twice in spawn and still have a vehicle left, 90% of my team already left cause they only own one tank at that tier I get crew locked? Keep punishing the player that wants to play the game as intended. Get off your money horse and force multiple vehicle lineups in RB. Arcade battles I get it one vehicle lineup are whatever it’s arcade RB should be minimum 3 vehicles lineups or start punishing these one and done premium warriors.


Gaijin is not going to punish users for buying premium vehicles.

What Gaijin might acquiesce to doing is selling top tier premiums in a bundle something like 3 vehicles and only allowing sales through said bundle. This would provide players with a full lineup thus discouraging ODL.

Whether or not Gaijin would be willing to sell 3 vehicles for the price of 1 ($70 is already an insane asking price for a singular vehicle in a game that isn’t akin to DCS where simulation is methodical) is unknown. Players would buy less top tier premiums if they had to spend $100+ to get a group of vehicles, the price would need to remain the same or less.

Crew locking is not working properly. Last night a JU88 decided to spawn on runway, i am in a stock jet. I had to avoid him. A stock jet is slow at that BR and not manovrable. Me avoiding the JU so i dont recive the team kill penalty crashed and ended up crew locked

Haven’t you realized that there is no collision detection on the runway?

Only while your on it. You have not put much thought into your answer at all

The relentless ruination of maps and ineffective map filters have transformed me from a complainer about people quitting to an avid participant. There is an ever increasing incentive to not see a game to the end.

Weak matches results in low RP rewards, which slows progress, which leads to the purchase of GE to progress. This game is run by clever people.


Gaijin should focus more on the game and less on how realistic they can make the tanks and to be honest so should the player base. There is an obsession with realism in the models while there is a complete lack of it once you get onto the map to play.

I wonder if the game was ever meant to work on top tier or whether anybody ever gave it any thought. Whole game unravels around 5-6 BR. I think WT is really a WW2 game stretched beyond its capabilities.


Untill they cry about review bombing

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There are so many things destroying the game, that I have already reached a point where I don’t see a solution, apart from the fact that the developers are not interested in changing anything, since it is always interesting to have a game made shit but still have Many people playing it and spending money, if it works, why try to fix the errors.


It’s cheaper to put in minimal effort until you are forced to do more.

The game is made to look good to draw in money, while less input on playability and content. Think about why maps are getting smaller, more clouds etc. I Think its due to limitations of computer power

We have power as a consumer

I could of maybe dived under it was a bit tight, i was flying a stock attacker tail dragger, but i decided to try and go around and ended up on the side of the runway on my wing. I called the ju pilot nearly everything under the sun for not using air hard feelings 😆

They do the same on enemy team.

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Generally someone knows there on the weaker team or on the weaker side of the map and starts the ball rolling. There are a few broken maps

That’s something that I feel, also. It’s like there’s some internal fight between teams. One team is focused on implementing more and more realistic vehicle functions while the other team is focused on a simplified, arcade-style experience.

The map changes eliminate variety and strategic options and make things like laser rangefinders redundant because engagements are made closer and closer together.

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I can’t even conceive of modern era tanks on the same maps I play at 5-6 BR . There would be zero point in the Challenger 1 or 2 existing in that scenario. Reason I don’t go above 7 and that is high for me.

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