The object 292 belongs at 11.7

devs fuck over the entire british tree then put in a tank with the best pen in the game and put it at 10.0, despite it outperforming British MBTs because devs cba to implement British tanks properly
the entire Centurion line belongs a full 1.7 BR lower by this logic, and I mean it literally does because at least British tanks have no speed or armor of which the Object 292 gets BOTH.

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Yeah but skill is something not found on most players(even lvl 100’s arent free from this) so hurr durr bad players keep it low and good players balance it out. Same old stuff

Wow that’s just sad. I mean it’s just average in my experience good armor shit reload and bad survivability. But still if you wish then give it its ERA and thermal , 1250hp engine then move it up.

what did i do? :(

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Now this is cope in the complete other way


Sorry I was responding to the post not you

but tbh, it sucks when a single tank negates all and every piece of armor it faces

With the pen calculator I’ve got non pen on every tank it doesn’t matter what pen it has if you angle your tank enough you can get it to bounce but it does let me pen the Abrams turret cheeks and Leo 2a7 upper plate but if you bounce you die

tell me the centurion action x doesn’t belong at 6.7 when the 3.3 Achilles can one tap the thing everywhere, same with the Archer

Its pretty good at 7.7 just a shame about the shell shattering

i say more like BR 11.3ish

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Its a T-80U with no thermals or ERA but with a bigger longer reloading gun

I would say 10.7 at most

Or just at 11.0?

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Personally I believe 10.3-10.7 is perfect for it.

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Feels like a perfect 10.7 tank when I play it, and I’m using a horrible laptop setup with horrible graphics yet I can get consistent kills and kill streams (when I’m not distracted)

Just because a big gun exists doesn’t mean it should be 11.7. By this logic, the Maus would be like 9.7. Yeah you have an insane around, but it also has a 10 second reload, no coaxial MG (you don’t realize how much you need it until you don’t have it), and can be pretty easily penetrated.

The thing here is that the Object 292 isn’t really a tank. It’s a glorified tank destroyer, and much like a tank destroyer, it can kill most things in a single shot, but that comes at the cost of nearly every other characteristic of the vehicle. A really good comparison to the Object 292, tier for tier, is the F.V.4005. It can kill anything, but it has literally nothing else to it.

The 292 has a round with 695 mm of penetration. That can penetrate anything. The 292 will act no different at 11.7 than it will at 10.3 or even 7.0 (not saying it should be moved to 7.0). At 11.7, it will just be a different set of vehicles that get penetrated by it just as easily. Nothing actually changes if you move the 292 to 11.7. The 292’s gun will always bully everything around it, irrespective of the tier. The 292’s gun will be functionally as effective at 11.7 as it would be at 5.3. The vehicle doesn’t have much else to it though. 10.3 is a perfect BR for it. It has a good lineup at that BR and keeping it at that BR is fine because moving it up doesn’t change anything. At 10.3, all the 9.3-ish players complain about the 292. At 11.7, all the 10.7 players will complain about the 292 in the exact same way. Nothing changes.

British 10.3: Thermals, smoke grenades, one with speed, L26, reload, turret and gun laying, general mobility.
Object 292: Big round, armor.
Never got ERA nor thermals IRL @BlusteryBark6

It doesnt get imrpoved engine, so it’s also slower and has no smoke grenades which are needed to hide yourself from thermals, planes, helis.
292 has very weak armour against ATGMs.

10.3 bro just got killed, 11.7 just entered hell 😭😭!1!!

Obviously no, I’m joking and laughing over people complaining about 292 having the 695mm pen, and I doubt if it’s really 656mm pen at 10m for a round its size, since, (I may be wrong) we haven’t got a single information about the round that LP-83 fires. (off-topic)