The nonsense of the change of BR

As expected, the change of BR has brought funny situations.

Magach 3 - 1973
Magach 3 (ERA) - 1982
Magach 5 - 1982
All three with the same BR, two of them from the same period, and one of them with a much better bullet than the others, there is nothing else to talk about.
At the moment the only change that makes sense is to have put the T-54 of 49 and 51 above that of 47, although they use some bullets that they did not use and for BR they face tanks of at least 10 years apart, but hey It is the rubbish BR that we have to endure and suffer.

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I was looking through the changes and there is now a massive gap in Sweden’s tech tree.

Specifically 6.0-7.3 there is only:

Charioteer Mk7 - 6.3
Bkan 1C - 6.7
ZSU-57-2 - 7.0

That’s 3 vehicles for a BR range 2 points wide 5.7-7.7. That tech tree needs some fleshing out stat.

I will repeat it 5000 times if necessary, the best BR is using a historical BR as a base, neither more nor less.

People would still complain. Balancing did not exist in War. The goal was to be the OP opponent.

The problem with that is nations like Sweden kind of didn’t upgrade vehicles from WW2 until mid to late cold war. This would result in massive match making issues. Per my comment they need to add more vehicles to Sweden in that bracket to not only create line ups but to make it so you’re not effectively skipping a few BR brackets.

The bad thing about people is that they complain about everything, that’s why I prefer a BR based on reality, because with many complaints it can always be said that historically it was like that, also as I said, it would be based on historical dates, not that the exact year of entry into service, for example the T-54 would have these ammunition to be historical:
T-54(1947) - BR-412B
T-54(1949) - BR-412D (it is from 1953 but it is possible that it was used in the
T54 (1949) still in service)
T-54(1951) - 3BK-5 (it is from 1955 but as in the previous case it would be possible that it was used in 1951 models still in service)

A 0.7 BR MM spread and almost every single change made would not be needed for the same positive effect but avoiding all the negatives.
7.3s going to 7.7 could stay 7.3
7.7s going t 8.0 could stay at 7.7
and so on
only tanks jumping by 0.7 would need to be adjusted by 0.3 and even then they would still be in abetter place a 7.7 Leo 1 in 0.7 MM would never face 6.7 but also only face 8.3 instead of the 9.0 it faces now.

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The american M60TTS with ERA and M773 is now the same br as the chinese M60TTS with no ERA or M773

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Well, it is what could be expected, when something is done extremely badly and quickly, it cannot be expected that it will turn out well, we can only wait and see how they solve these calamities in the BR, if they solve them.

They were wrong, they had to start from the bottom, BR 1.0 became BR 0.7 and so on until they covered all the tanks of WWII, so they ruined a lot of line-ups, it is now especially the BR 8.7 which become 9.0 go to meet the 10.0 that until now I had never met.

If you look at the Swedes, they don’t look bad either if they make a historical BR, the tanks that are between era 1 to era 3, almost all are from 1935 to 1944, although it is clear that some tanks like the Sav m/43 (1944) remain something bad if it is put in the same BR as the others from 1944, but when you get to the tanks of the 60s and up it is not so bad if they have their corresponding bullets. Then you also have to take into account that the maximum limiter of a BR historical would be the bullet damage model since for example:
The Stridsvagn 74 is from 1958, so it would have to face the T-54, which means it wouldn’t have much to do but, with a realistic damage model, with an APDS shot from the Stridsvagn 74 in the front of the tower to the T-54 could perfectly destroy it with the first shot, so despite being at a disadvantage it could have many opportunities to beat the T-54.

I agree with historically accurate BR bases. I was trying to play ARB in the US F-100D. I wanted to see what kind of jet my granddad worked on during the Vietnam war. but sadly, it’s almost impossible to play since this cold war era jet faces things like mig-21’s and mig-23’s, which have radars and some all-aspect missiles. And the F-100 doesn’t even have flares, let alone chaff. So it’s almost impossible to play for fun when it’s not going against what it was designed for.

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