The nonsense of Mexas armor

Gaijin could explain why the C2A1 Mexas weighs a ton and a half more than the Leopard 1 A5 when the extra armor is almost worthless? Is it possible that gaijin really does not investigate anything, let the players look for the information and then they change things according to what interests them at the moment?
Initially, the Mexas medium armor (the one used by the C2A1) has the ability to stop HEAT projectiles such as the RPG7 (400mm penetration) and the APDS ammunition of the Soviet 30mm cannon, however in the game it does not stop even 300mm HEATS. penetration and of course from the side not for the APDS of the 30mm cannon, not even for the AP 30mm.
Seriously, these problems that the game has been dragging on reach a point where they tire, and seeing how there is no solution to these problems when the issue of the economy was partially solved, which is something that has much less importance in the game leaves me see how this game is turning out. You lose less money with the change of the economy, but you lose more because of the wrong armor models, the horrible and completely false bullet damage model, the penetration calculator that makes many bullets or they perforate more or less than they should, tanks that due to the habit of making the BRs do not carry the ammunition that they should carry historically, and thus some failures can be added that one after another make it completely boring to play and make that as soon as They kill you because of those failures, you leave the game when you lose only one tank, since the game literally kills you, so you go out and start another game, to see if in the next game the game forgives you and allows you to kill someone .

Have you bug reported this and sent them information and conclusive proof of what the values should be?

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At first I found these pages, anyway I remember a report some time ago about the Mexas armor problem, but apparently it was already deleted, apparently I didn’t like it.

well posting it here isnt going to do anything, get a bug report or put it in the correct part of the forums instead of just whining about it

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I already made a report on the ERA Blazer armor, with data from Soviet tests, and they told me that they did not accept data that was not Western,for this reason and some others I stopped making bug reports, if someone wants to try to make a report with the pages I put, they can do it.

The rules are fairly straight forward: 2 secondary sources, 1 primary source.
None of the links you provided are even secondary sources.

It’s funny because I looked at the website of the company that manufactures it, but there is only the data for the new version, not the Mexas.
Regarding the sources, it has always seemed absurd to me, who has more possibilities of getting primary sources, a player or a company? The normal thing would be that you could make a report with pages like the ones I put, and then gaijin would put contact whoever it was to have the exact data, and if what the player put in is not correct, then he refuses, and if it is correct, it is implemented.

Depends. Have you even tried making a well-written letter to the company that makes the MEXAS kit for brochures, datasheets, or and other documentation on the specific kit?
Anyone is able to do this.
Obviously in-person meetings with companies is most powerful for getting things, but that’s expensive, and more expensive for a company than people thing.

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What is more convincing, having a random person write to you asking for information? Or having a military-type game developer write to you asking for technical data. I think that having a company write to you is somewhat more convincing.

Western defense industry is known for adding tons of addon armor panels for no obvious effect, I suppose :) At least thats what I learned from WT.

Treat it just as cosmetic upgrade, cause the C2A1 looks better than base Leopard tanks. And thats it.

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