The next step for battleships

I think everyone is arguing for basically the same things, but until more BR’s are added, it’s going to be nearly impossible to sort out what belongs in such a compressed tier. When we can have 8.0 and 9.0 BR’s it will be much easier to assign battleships, dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, and super dreadnoughts their respective proper places. As it stands, any newer and more powerful ships are going to still be fighting cruisers which are woefully underpowered in comparison. It’s the same issue as jets fighting prop planes and 1940’s tanks facing post war tanks with NVD and ATGM’s just worse because of greater compression.

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Nevada and Arizona surely should both go to 7.0, no idea why they are lower than Alaska. German battleships in mention have good armor on paper but in practice they bleed crew fast even from des moines. Kaiser on 6.7? I guess it could.

SMS Seydlitz, Derfflinger, Mackensen
HMS Queen Mary, Tiger, Erin, Agincourt

Yeah I miss those

Full of 1960’s and 70’s supersonic jets…

Simply creating higher BR’s is not the answer for naval - it needs a game system rework (for Naval at least) to stop the silliness of relatively high tech a/c fighting WW1 era dreadnoughts!!

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I think BR is totally irrelevant in NRB. It doesnt work in its current state. But the question is, what inter-war / WW2 ships can be added without being overly OP.

French Dunkirk&Richelieu class. Their armor is quite thin and facing front isn’t a good tactic against soviet and Japanese guns. Their firepower is also not something to be called fantastic.

Italy Littorio class has good armor and high-penetration gun but it’s reloading speed is quite a issue and it has magazine and engine room around the waterline so in close range battle it would be a huge problem.

American fast 16 inch battleships have same problem as current Alaska has with slower reload. But I’m not sure how much 16’’ shells will give more damage than 15’’ and 14’’ shells.

I don’t see any logical reason that has to be the case. They could easily create BR 8.0 and 9.0, move some or all of the existing 7.0 ships up, and backfill the rest with many of the ships people mentioned. There is no reason they have to add more powerful ships than the existing top tiers. They could do that with BR 10 and 11 later. It’s easier to decompress them now than add super ships and do it later.

Can’t they just make a BR wall for planes? So that 7.0 plus ships dont face these type of aircraft?

Tho with the addition of the russian missile destroyer at a low BR they will probably mix post war jets and missile ships alongside WW2 BBs…

Actually it is much harder to decompress. Gaijin has to make new matchmaker all over. And not only 7.0 battleships are problem if Gaijin decided to decompress. Destroyers are nightmare to 2.3~3.7 coastals. And cruisers, who always cried as they were victims, are disasters to destroyers and 4.3+ coastals. If Gaijin wants to decompress, than all bluewater starting from 3.3 have to move from at least 4.0. Then, 7.0 will be just cruisers again. There would be no change.

Huh? I didn’t say anythign about that - my main issue is…

Indeed they could - that would be exactly what I said - a change in the game system.

Naval BRs and Air BRs don’t really match up. Thats imho a real issue. Imagine they extent to BR 7.0 or BR 8.0 or something. Then you’ll have jets and jet bombers vs. WW1 and WW2 BBs. Its just super meh.

Even today you have WW1 ships without any AA gun facing very powerful planes with huge bombs and deadly torpedos from decades in the future. Its a massacre.

They need to revamp the whole blue water, coastal and air thing. Its totally weird.


I don’t see that as an issue. There are clearly some of each class of ship that are better than others. If the BR range was expanded, they could move up or down the more or less powerful ships to fit in the BR range, and fill in any gaps with new ships.

For example, the Helena is obviously very good at 6.0. If the BR range was expanded it, could be moved up, the 7.0 battleships could be moved up, and Helena’s would not face battleships but would still perform well, while not stomping ships below it that it shouldn’t be fighting.

There are still going to be more powerful ships facing less powerful ships, but you won’t have such power disparities as you have now. That can only be done with decompression unless they want to completely rework the entire system, but then it will be different than planes, helicopters, and tanks. I don’t see that as a desirable outcome.

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It is not an issue for us yes. It’s just problem of Gaijin have to move ‘every’ ships battle rating at once and makes new MM. I don’t think Gaijin is able to do it.

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They had to do it as they expanded tank and planes trees. It wasn’t always elegant, and it certainly didn’t make everyone happy. I think if they listened to the community more, they’d have a better time of it. For some reason (in my opinion) they see the player base on this forum as more of an annoyance than a source of information. Yes, some people have some really dumb ideas, but reading through the forums you can find some very informed opinions based on vast knowledge of the subject matter. I think they ignore it at their own peril, and then we end up with things like the huge negative review wave and them having to scramble to redo the entire economy. It’s shortsighted.

Youve jumped a huge number of ships there. About 15 british battleships like the Queen Elizabth Class for eg. Just wothing the current 1920 time frame of the battleships in game.

Vanguard? What? We havent even gotten ww2 buolt battleships yet and you want to skip 15 other classes to get to Vanguard?

Britain didnt really do heavy cruisers. Instead they built battlecruisers.

Was thinking more capabilites not chronology. Would be a clear next in line after the Hood and considering she was being built during ww2 and entered service 1946. Is not exactly radically far off either. Other options like King george V or the rodney may be too powerful at the moment. And i dont really want to just see dreadnoughts added.

Vanguard would fit nicely after Hood in the tree but first we should get Queen Elisabeth and Revenge class after Marlborough and Colossus.

Yeah, they are sensible next additions as well. Though I do wonder if we have enough inter-war BBs already and instead should start seeing WW2 ships and early post war ships. Even BBs.