The next step for battleships

America should get the Colorado class, specifically West Virginia. United Kingdom should get the Nelson class battleship. Japan should get the Nagato class battleship. Russia actually does have a good candidate during World War II the HMS, royal sovereign, a revenge class battleship was loaned to and used by the red navy. I think she would be a perfect addition to the Russian naval tech tree.


No we definietely do not need 16 inch cannons on 7.3. There will be time for those ahips to be introduced but right now we need more 380mm and 350mm in their WWII refits

That would be:
UK - Queen Elisabeth and Revenge class
US - New Mexico
Japan - has enough, Ise and Fuso will likely be 7.3
Russia - Revenge class as well, that is fair
France - Dunkerque


I think the next for the UK will be HMS Vanguard

I believe that Colorado class would be quite balanced compared to current BBs.
Since it has extremely slow reload just 1.5 Rdspm and they are just 45cal guns and “just” AP. So the firepower isn’t something great.
This would be balanced by the great armor which the Colorado would have compared to others.

I would like to see BR decompression, larger maps, and spawns fixed before they add any more giant battleships with guns that can fire car sized projectiles 20+ miles. Adding these large battleships now would throw balance out the windows in my opinion.


Whilst i agree that 16 inch guns might be a little much. I dont think britain needs more dreadnoughts. We need either some decent heavy cruisers or something equal to or superior to the Hood.

Yeah, that is very true

They don’t really offer anything more advanced, other than maybe decks. Belt armour is still 13.5" - 8".

Vanguard would be immediate next step after those I mentioned, added with Bismarck class and other late 380mm designs

There arent any cruisers tbh, Fiji class and late county class refits wont change much. I would count on HMS Renown appearing soon since it was leaked some time ago

I think id expect to see something like King George V or nelson-class added along side bismark

I don’t think it is time to make bigger caliber, but time to enhance existing calibers. Many countries have problem for now.

USA : They need Standard Battleship to be moved and adding more Alaska class. Of course Standard Battleships were not good in 7.0 but it is not reason to be 6.7. It is disaster for 6.3 and 6.7 dreadnoughts.

Germany: They have way too OP Scharnhorst but also have problem of no back up. Maybe addition of Gneisenau would be their solution.

USSR: Kommuna doesn’t fit to 7.0 for now. It cannot fight in AP battle against 7.0 super dreadnoughts it is not too-close combat. Moving down Kommuna of 6.7 and addition of Stalingrad in 7.0 would be solution

Great Britain: They have the biggest problem, historically having lots of ships to make lineup but Gaijin ignores it. And also Colossus is definitely not a ship for 6.7, and Marlborough will lost it’s high penetration because it is not according to Gaijin penetration calculation formula. Move Colossus to 6.3, Marlborough to 6.7 and addition of Another British 13.5 super dreadnought, and addition of at least two battleship QE/R/KGV class on 7.0 would be solution. Addition of Vanguard is also option, but it would make QE/R class useless when added.

Japan: current 7.0 lineup is strongest lineup among all nation. Just move Kongo and Haruna to 6.7. That’s all they need.

Italy: Make Cavour class be added to make backup of Duilio.

France: make Lorraine 6.3. It’s not worth 6.7.

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Britain always have the biggest issues. Not just in Navy.

I would like to have one step back into the Great War.

Alot iconic british and German ships are missing. I’m talking about the Battlecruisers and Battleships from Jutland.

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I personally would like to see Arkhangelsk or Novorossiysk next for the Soviets and Colorado for the US.

Gaijin not add new battleship toptier under USS North Dakota (BB-29) 2 year after major update " new power ", and not add new battleship for great britain after major update " new power " & major update " Ground Breaking "

I hope USA & UK can add new battleship toptier this year

This is just dumb. All those shisp used to be 6.7 and were moved up for a good reason. Superdreads and advanced Battlecruisers 0.3 BR above earliest battlecruisers and early pre dreds? All those ships should stay on 7.0 when 7.3 is introduced. Also cannot agree on compressing the Collossus, it works very well on its BR.

good at killing cruisers would make some of them go to 7.0, but we also have to consider fighting between battleships. Colossus is definitely not something to compete with super dreadnought, and Kongo is just too glass cannon. It is not fair considering Ise, Hyuga and Fuso is at same BR

You seem to not understand. 7.0 certainly has certainly some better and worse ships but that is a good reason to wait and move the better ones to 7.3 when it will be introduced. Also Colossus on 6.3 would easily be the strongest ship, outclassing stuff like westfalen, von
Der tann, paris etc and being an absolute menace to cruisers. Its place is on 6.7

Not strongest when there is still Kaiser. Paris is little concern but Westfalen and Von der Tann does not seem case as they have faster reload and thicker armor. I don’t know why you overevaluate Colossus, but it’s just HMS Dreadnought with able to focus one more gun(and those one gun is so hard to focus). If Kaiser and Colossus all goes to 6.7, and Nevada/Arizona goes to 7.0, I’ll agree Colossus go to 6.7. But if not, going to 6.3 and make a lineup with Dreadnought is good place for Colossus.