The next event vehicles will be featured as premium units?

As we saw in the last two event vehicles, both of them are Rank III and Rank II (Yak-3 (e) and Churchill III AVRE), I have this question if the next event vehicles that will come will be premium, not considering if it’s low or high rank. Or will this premium feature only going to be present in low rank vehicles?

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Of course it will. Gaijin will not give free high tiers premium vehicles.

I expect the event system to change again. It seems to me that Gaijin has not achieved what they wanted to achieve. The short-term interruption of the event rhythm (Ground, Air, Naval) is an indication of this for me and that a first-class meme tank was thrown into the ring instead of a naval event. I think fewer and fewer people are taking part in the events because it’s just too much.
But these are just my impressions and thoughts. They may be wrong.


I surely have to agree, if the next one comes as premium in high tier means a probably bad reflection of their thoughts on meme vehicles, the Churchill AVRE was too much for a Rank II vehicle.

Not saying that Yak-3 (e) was worth, but in the same case as the Petard but it’s at least a good plane in my vision.

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Just have a quick look at the marketplace and the price development of the vehicles after the O292 event … Everything in the basement. It’s cheaper to buy these things than to invest the time. Unless you have too much time.

I see that, just worthless, I think that’s why Gaijin made that coupon for selling in the marketplace such expensive to obtain.

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If they keep with how the events have been playing out, I would expect a higher end Coastal ship or lower tier’d Bluewater, most likely a premium . . . keeping with the 35k every two days requirement we have had for the “lower end” reward vehicles. Then perhaps they might make adjustments to how things work in the future. They have had time to go over the stats/data and make determinations(or not . . lol) about how their new event scheduling is going. It is a “Work in Progress” no doubt, and summer time in the Northern Hemisphere tends to see reduced player count in most all online games . . something else to consider. They have to balance how “good” the reward vehicles are, the time/effort for players to get them “freely” and how many players will spend to get them and how much that amounts to . . . pretty tricky. I have the time, but I am still not at all happy with the “penalizing” system in place that hinders well over half the vehicles in the game and requires playing certain modes to even get paid properly for the work we put in. It seems they have made a formula that closely resembles the 2x - 3x “kill” bonuses that RB & Sim get for most everything else. Unfortunately, that simply does not work in a “game score” format . . . and it’s very unbalanced and unfair to vast number of players. I would rather see that done away with or drastically reworked more than anything.
But that’s just me . . .


If I am not wrong, only low rank vehicles are premium

Anyway as others say looks like the new event cycle is not working as intended, “there’ll be a small pause of a few days until the next one begins”. Churchill ended ~20 days ago

They announced that the next event will have a break of 1 month and restarting with a vessel.

I hope the next event tanks is the AMX-40 ducky

The duck would be added to 2.3 maybe, I don’t want to grind 35k points for a low tier vehicles, I suppose as BP would be better

Its fake (never went pass the drawing board stage)

It will probably be the Bangladeshi Pr123k


I feel like event vehicles should be just that.

The AVRE and TOG events seemed to go down well, having meme tanks be event vehicles is a lot better than meta defining (or top performing) vehicles being available for a limited time only. Obj. 292 springs to mind.

I’d prefer those to be honest, the Object 292 type event.

It’s around 2 months I’m waiting any signs for the Leclerc T4, Object 299 and Pz. 87-140, they’re nice options but I’m really for the T4 since France could get some attention too in those derp weapons vehicle subject.

Oh crap you’re probably right. Dammit. I don’t want another Pr. 123K as an event vehicle. I like my event vehicles to be weird and strange, even if that means they’re bad. 35K for a rank 2 was outragous, but the Churchill AVRE is a good choice for a bizarre tank.

I fully agree. I like weird and strange vehicles, even if they’re bad. The TOG II, Churchill AVRE, Sturmtiger, Late 298D, the AUBL/74 HVG, etc. I like those types of vehicles.

I’d say fine, but not good, if Gaijin could add the Sherman V DD or DW, it’s a interesting vehicle with more capability (operating in water) which is lack on War Thunder those kind of adapted vehicle, example are the Ka-Chi Japanese medium tank.

This is a 35k points worth vehicle,

But if the idea was to add a British vehicle specifically, then they could work on the FV 4005 Stage I with the auxiliary auto loading system, despite the crew begin exposed to enemy fire, obviously has higher fire rate, I’d say it would sit same or a BR below the Stage II

In this case low ranking vehicles like the Petard could be easily introduced in the Winter Extreme or Summer Extreme events, as in this events, the low ranking vehicles are easier to get.