The new "weather" systems are annoying at best

20% of my games are Clear, the rest is all sorts of nonsense from Mist, to Low Cloud Cover etc. where I can not see past 200m anything, and if you don’t have thermals, you see nothing.

Tone this nonsense down to how it was before this was implemented, or reduce anything but “CLEAR” to 20% not the other way around. Not everyone of us has 8K monitors where we can spot every pixel moving, especially not in those re-worked maps, which are nothing but trenches where people are hiding, then they pop up for a second with their thermals and dead you are, while you without thermals don’t see squat.

It’s a game, make it fun, you don’t have to always make it worse and worse, to cater to some nonsensical realism. Focus on realism with the vehicles, not atmospheric conditions. This is just as bad as night battles without NV or Thermal.


I was one of those people a long time ago who didn’t fly and hated CAS and called for bad weather to give ground vehicles a chance.Now I fly a lot and have to endure the cloud I asked for.Be careful what you wish for.
I actually like the new weather ,it gives CAS protection from fighters and does not really hinder low level attack.I thing Gaijin made a good job with it.


New weather looks great but I wish it was more dynamic, clouds move


I sure do love 50 types of fog settings

I mean, a great way to think about it is real life. Do you want to send your men out in broad daylight and have them easy to spot, hopefully no. It adds a bit of a skill aspect to the game compared to the regular aiming and range and finding weakspot simulator. And about unusable CAS, if teams have good intel on enemy position, it would be extremely easy to be super effective even with low cloud cover or dense fog. This is kind of similar to the US fighting doctrine with thermal and NVD, if your not able to be seen, they can’t shoot at you.

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First of all It’s not real life it’s a game.

Secondly, when I play in a 8.3 - 10.3 bracket and all my lineup does not have thermals, not being able to see more than 100-200m ahead of you while those with thermals have unlimited range (so to speak) is becoming annoying.

The high rank gameplay revolves around CAS anyway, you know, regardless of how good you are on ground, you will eventually get erased from CAS doing its thing, that you can not do nothing against it, so with people who enjoy ground units gameplay already sit on the shorter stick, we don’t need any more “real life” nonsense to impair our enjoyment of games.

Honestly the high rank gameplay is getting worse and worse with each patch. I don’t mind this weather modeling and visual impairment if we are all on equal footing, but as said, at high rank we are not, some have thermals that completely negate fog, low cover, overcast, etc. those with thermals have an inherit advantage over those without even in super clear conditions, so adding on top of that is just nonsense.

This has the same effect on ground battles as the inclusion of night battles did, those who didn’t have NV or Thermals were utterly at the mercy of those who did and the game was not fun if you were on the receiving end, and it’s not fun now when you have 80% of games with fog that you can’t do anything about.

Not all CAS has access to thermals.

Boohoo, I only want beach weather and sunny days…
Clear weather is annoying af and ruins the immersion. Should rain way more often in that game.
Complaining about people are hiding is also funny. What do u expect? Standing in an open field and waiting for you to shoot them. LOL.

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It’s based on real and historic planes and tanks (except some "paper"ones), and environment should be in accordance to that.
So if you desagree with that, there is other products with fantasy vehicles, moving in a fantasy environment.
For the time being, there is already lot of nonsense maps, which are downsized at every major update. And to help you to see the tanks, you have this stupid and unreal big steam smoke comming from them, even when the engine idling.

It’s also annoying and ruins immersion if you have full overcast 9 times out of 10 in the desert, and crazily shaking trees as if Beaufort 6 to 7 even when the weather is fine…


WT is a bizarre mix of real and fantasy,WW2 tanks in Sun City and Abrams in Normandy

tier system must play havoc with night vision at certain BRs

Battle of Stalingrad - cold, frost, snow, impossibility of flying for supply planes,
fighter planes could not fly every day either… ie.
CAS was not always possible !

The Battle of the Bulge - It was fought in harsh winter conditions - snow, snowfall, frost …
Very limited options for CAS!

Battle of Moscow - meteorological record, super frost and snow, cloudy, technical difficulties with machines.
Very difficult to impossible support from CAS!

Desert storm - I will attach a direct link to the article, it is eloquent enough …

Very few land battles were fought in beautiful, clear weather…

Of course, another thing is, in the game, what tanks will get into the battle with bad weather … I think Gaijin wanted to eliminate the power of CAS with this - perfect view in 3rd person view …

Yeterday: Sim EC over Afghanistan.

The Airfield I tried to land at was fully in the clouds. I still managed to take my Gripen down - almost.

Just before touching down, I noticed a) the faint outline of the runway and suddenly b) the blue marker of the Hunter AI that slammed right into me a fraction of a second later…

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