The new U-sh 204 GK low ammo capacity, can it carry more?

I did know that there were a bunch in game. Just not this one. I also thought it was labeled as a LT, not an AA.

I thought it was kinda fast. Is it both P and H?

All versions, some panthers have it too, all I think actually.

Dang that’s crazy.

Okay, crazy idea, but let’s create a new one. A 1 to 1 replica, with armor gun and ammo. Engine and everything. Just to find out all that we can.

Also, have you tried contacting the people that made it? That is if they’re still around.

Also I say we only because I also really like it as well. Haven’t played it in a hot sec, but when I did I really did love it

Yeah, I’ve heard of a mythical Finnish modified T-72M1K1 and can’t find anything on, supposedly has better thermals, Lrf, suspension, engine, and armor, yet can’t even find a photo of it.

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Hmm cool. Learn something new every day

I saw that too. Gave up on arguing on that thread XD

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Looking into the MoD to see if they have any docs or knowledge of it.

The two Lvkv m/49 was made by Bofors AB in 1950. It was the result of the Swedish army requesting a Self propelled vehicle capable of carrying the new Lvakan 48.


The plan was to make one gun carriage that would link up to a twin carrier with a radar for radar-guided fire. After Trials were completed the project was deemed too expensive.

1st page
info 2

And the gun carrier was temporarily converted to test the VEAK 40 radar and fire control system.
Lvkv 42 med VEAK radar

It was later returned to its original condition and stored at Landsverk for tank school students to poke at.

later in about 1980-ish it was transferred to Pansarmuseum in Axvall. that later in 2007, got shut down and all vehicles and recourses moved to the new Arsenallen. where it sits today.

Lvkv 42

and still after 3 years i still havent gotten a single picture from the inside of this darn tank.

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Hmm. Wasn’t it made my the same people who made the DCA-40 or is that coincidence that it looks the same? If it was then maybe we can find something in the French archives, or from that company. I’m going to message Simn and ask for the documents they used to make it in game. I’ll post the response here when I get one

Edit- could try emailing someone from Bofors about it too

Similar, but no, the chassis was a AMX-13 chassis, with a Bofors 40mm, idk who made the turret tbh.

Hmm okay. I’m going to bed within the hour, as well as my Internet is out rn, so I won’t be doing any digging right now. But I will tomorrow, hopefully my Internet will be back


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Alright people, gather round. I need opinions!