The new U-sh 204 GK low ammo capacity, can it carry more?

It seems like has a really incredibly low ammo count. So can it carry more, or do we once again have a Lvkv 42 situation!

Can you post any more info on it please? I don’t have the dec server and I’m too stupid to get it downloaded and to work. Things like ammo types, armor, top speed, armament turret traverses, crew count, RB BR. Oh and naturally the ammo count. Thanks!



Seems reasonable to me, the R3 has 600 rounds, 100 of which are outside the vehicle. So similar sized vehicle with similar sized ammunition and similar sized quantity.

It just feels like there is a crap-ton of potential space wasted, well i dont know how it looks so i cant be sure if it really would fit

Okay thank you. I know it’s not final for the live server, but it’s nice to know. I take it it’s HVAP at AP-T?


Ok thanks again! :)

Gonna be an absolute ankle biter of a tank.

It’s a low tier R3. Or an um armored Yerstverk, if you can really call 10mm armor

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Wait @karnitin75 is it stabilized?

I wouldn’t think so.

Nope. Altough the gun elevation is so fast i might as well be anyway

fr i could accurately hit a weak spot on the T-34 going 65 km/h!

Womp womp :(

We’re those stats aced or what?

Jeez nice

Remember, electrical gun control system!

Oh, I didn’t realize that. That’s very nice

Here is a meme i made, that is very relatable/True.



A bunch of things in game have electrically actuated traverse mechanisms, the Tiger is one of the 200+ vehicles with them. Strv 74 is too, the turret is so large in the back to fit a Volkswagen diesel generator in it XD.

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fr ive spent since 2021 searching for info around the lvkv 42, and talked to the museum director at arsenallen who told me through E-mail to give up searching for info! They cant find crap. They have the tank!