The new mid tier

I’m opening this thread to talk about the ‘new’ mid tier thanks to the upcoming BR changes.

Before, mid tiers was divided into two categories. Early mid tier which had the Panthers, tigers, easy 8s and T-34. Then it was late mid tier, which had the King Tigers, Super Pershing and IS-2s.

The new BR placements basically curmbled it all up into a single 6.0 ball which leaves me conflicted. Now that everything that was 5.7 can now meet 7.0s the ‘early’ mid tier option is practically non-existent , which is a big shame because it was pretty popular.

As for the tanks themselves im happy that the A and G model Panthers got the boot into 6.0 finally. This means that Germany has a strong 6.0 lineup that can help avoid fighting tanks above 7.0. The Tiger IIP being 6.7 for some reason is a strange decision that has everyone their heads.

For the Americans, any hope for the M26 to finally be a worthwhile tank was hopelessly crushed with the nonsensical decision to make 6.7. The amount of tanks that exists in this BR that are just ourright superior to the M26 relegates it to be a hanger queen. Despite being more similar to the Panthers than any of the heavy weights at 6.7.

Of course BRs subject to change and all that but we all know that changes as large as this are rarely if ever switched. Any other thoughts on the new changes strictly to mid tier?