The new Icons

I know I am kind of late to this discussion, but a while back in ?/9/23 They made a change to the tanks, aircrafts and naval icons.
The changes as we know made that instead of the good and very cool looking icons were replaced with some stupid and boring icons that clearly have no effort what so ever!
I will be very happy to know why they did it, + I am very interested to know if there is a way to change them back using the game files

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Seems like a good way to get banned…

Changing images in the game files will only be visible for you and will not get you banned

It will be visible to EAC’s scan of your file system.

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you will not get banned for that, since it doesn’t do anything to gameplay mechanics or your SL, GE, etc
In short, I’m asking for a way, not for a reason for it to be against the rules
Like, I changed the names of the planes in the lang folder. And here I am, not banned!
Same thing, it’s images, they can’t get you banned.


The F is DWUCA? and GLWT?

LOL. Just imagine what else you don’t know.

I do know that you can’t get banned for that.
Doesn’t do any with the gameplay.
And yes, I do not understand does.
I am not a computer guy, all I know is that you can’t get banned for those