The new gamemode of self-propelled artillery should be added to the game

Currently, many self-propelled guns have appeared in the game,But they are only being used as a direct line of sight artillery, to some extent like tanks, which is different from their actual usage,Currently, drones have been added to the game as reconnaissance or strike weapons,At present, drones have been added to the game as reconnaissance or strike weapons, and perhaps they can be better used to add new gameplay to self-propelled artillery. For example, drone perspectives can be used to guide self-propelled artillery shooting, allowing them to shoot targets behind obstacles, as a replacement for current artillery suppression skills,Alternatively, new types of shells such as laser guided shells can be added to self-propelled artillery, using drones to provide guidance.This can make self-propelled artillery more effective and also make ground combat more interesting.


I have a concern about their balance. If they were giving advance guided munition.
Either they would be very op vehicles that wreck enemy from afar (and can only be counter by Artillery or aircrafts) or totally meh vehicles due to mediocre damage cuz mission kill on ground targets aren’t much of a things in War Thunder due to repair system. (see how AGM-65 sometime didn’t even destroy target even with direct hit and those are HEAT warhead )

In my opinion Artillery should be Ai control vehicle or placement that way we can have mutiple of them on the match and have enough damage output to impact the gameplay. They should work like current system that player can call in but more wide field and deadly and versatile [ they should be able to fire smoke round to create cover , illuminate round for night battle , various smoke color to mark targets or zone]. (But they should have some limit like only one player call in at a time) They can be destroy by Aircrafts or ground vehicles. They can be replace with mortars or small Artillery on somemap if needed.

Very bad idea IMO. Firstly because WoT has proven that artillery gameplay is boring for the one playing it and incredibly frustrating for the ennemy.
Then, SPGs like the ones we have in game are meant for very long distance shooting while the maps in game don’t exceed 2km.
And then, except if you destroy the balistics of the SPGs we have, they won’t be able to shoot above a building or hill, and that’s very good.

I think a dedicaced mode can be cool but with with a very different way of working from WoT:

Players would have dedicated points at long range (7 or 8km at least), protected by flak and with shelters to give them a chance of survival against planes and choppers.

shooting question:
the players would have markers placed on the ground to “zero” the settings. When a player requests artillery on the battlefield, the coordinates (azimuth and distance) are displayed and the player sets his elevation and azimuth manually, without a visual, following the indications provided.

You can do that already… just put yourself in your side end of the map, use the drone, estimate distances from you to ennemy.

Then switch back to SPG-Arty aim close to where it is.

If you know the ennemy moved then check again with drone, otherwise shoot.

No need to add new interface for that.