The Mighty Jingles has gotten his War Thunder account allegedly stolen

The Mighty Jingles has gotten his War Thunder account “allegedly” stolen.

He said he was interested in covering the upcoming TOG-2 which are coming to the game. But since he can’t access his account since the account’s IP is claimed to be used in Saint Petersburg and Singapore. He can’t access his War Thunder account and his old Email no longer exist.

Im sure he has not yet bothered looking into contacting War Thunder / Gaijin Support Team or CC contributor Program in order to either get his old account back. Or getting a new account with his old unlocks.

Is this something worth talking about. And should we as a community make noise to help him get his account back. So Jingles may be interested in covering War Thunder again?

Jingles telling his community in his Episode 502 Q&A that his WT account was stolen.


DAMN, that’s really bad news. I’m sure someone on the CC program can reach out to em and help the ol’ geeza out :)

I’d hope someone at Gaijin is willing to give him a hand especially as a long time CC and player. Back when I was in high school I used to watch his War Thunder content and would be glad to see him make a comeback even if just for the TOG-II

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