The mig23bn

Will anyone tell me if the mig23bn will ever get air to air missles and or flares because the plane at 9.7 without any flares or missles is a sitting duck.


no, and apart from flares and AAM, its same mig 23 from 11.0, use this to your advantage, you are fastest around.


No, if it did it would increase in BR.
It’s still a Mig-23 airframe.
Speed is your friend.

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I am not sure about the flares but it should be able to carry air to air missiles at it did so IRL according to this source Mikoyan MiG-23BN |

That would surely bump it up 1.0 BR points because then it’s just like the regular MiG-23’s but then without R/T-23/24’s. I don’t care because I don’t fly it.
Would you be ready for that?

… bro

I do not think that its br would have to go up to 10.7 as I think 10.0 would be high enough to compensate for it having missiles. When compared to other planes at this br it is quite fast, however its lack of flares makes it very vulnerable to missiles.

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Kinda depends what missiles they give it. I think for R13’s and/or R60(m)s that 10.0 is a bit too optimistic.
But it’s your suggestion so leave it up to the devs i’d say. Maybe they’ll agree.

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IMO it does indeed depend on the missile & this could be comparable to the now added F-111A since it’s limited to eight AIM-9B’s an not E’s at BR 10.3.

So I say if given just R-3S it could stay at 9.7, If given R-13’s make it 10.0 kinda like the Mirage 5F at 10.0 with R.550 M1’s or make it 10.3 if given R-60/R-60M making it like other attackers with such a missile (or if it got four of them then 10.7).

Of course giving it any missile will see it likely unfortunately becoming more used as a fighter then an attacker as is the way / mindset of a fighter player, But given all the missiles in this BR range it might as well have them.

I know that the devs bend the rules for several machines getting certain components from other machines of the same type but of different countries so they could probably do similar for this as I’ve heard many say in DDR service it didn’t get such.

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R60s and R13s would be more realistic as the source states that it carried those.