The MiG-29s need their wing tanks added into the game

Hey, now that Gaijin is starting to add wing tanks into the game for some of the jets, it would be nice to see the MiG-29s having their wing tanks added too, since especially for air sim battles the MiG-29s fuel time is just really low even with a single belly drop tank

I think it would be nice for players to have the option for wing tanks while having reduced maneuverability when the wing tanks are there

Here’s some pictures of MiG-29s with their wing tanks, both the Soviet / Russian and NATO versions



Edit: wrong images and corrections

Personally I would prefer to have the cans on certain planes which do not have them at the moment (Jaguar, Mirage F1, etc.) or to ensure that the tanks used to carry weapons can have fuel inside.

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As i know 9-12 doesn’t had wing tanks. They was added in 9-13. Germans modified their mig-29s to add them.

If that’s the case it would still be nice to have them for the G and SMT then, would differentiate them and give them more benefits compared to the 9-12s then

Nobody will use them tho because it requires you to sacrifice your R-27s

I think a lot of people especially on air sim would since having the option to just do close quarters with IR missiles is a viable tactic especially because carrying the radar missiles makes the fuel time very short