The mechanics of this game do not justify the repair costs of late heavies

All Cold War heavies are overpriced in their repair costs and do not represent the realities of the game.

Any tank with a repair cost over 7,000 SL that doesn’t have a 300% SL modifier is a showcase of greed.

Heavy tank repair costs are fine.
The SL modifier is more than enough to make money back for non-premium, and if you have a premium account you’re not worrying about repair costs to begin with.

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Ive seen you (playerbase) play and you (playerbase) dont deserve better repair costs…

You are ignorant.

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Did mom made you hot chocolate after that?.

ok first of all, you do realize that before the review bomb repair costs where about twice as high, secondly heavy tanks are big expensive and bulky and from what I can tell since you say “cold war heavies” I can by approximation assume you’re talking about the Russian heavies which doesn’t need love, they’re already troll enough, so I’m just gonna argue you potentially don’t really play your vehicles well and often get killed without being able to perform well enough to earn their repair costs.

Long story short, some vehicles do still have a strong technical performance that warrants a higher repair cost due to the fact they can’t be put up in BR, consider switching to light or medium tanks instead if the repair costs are too much, also consider doing more than just exclusively ground because it’s currently (as usual) the most expensive thing to play and you’ll see the least SL income

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Consider that the game should be able to be enjoyed.

Consider for a moment that 200mm of armor is useless at a BR range where every tank but medium tanks is given HEAT-FS or ATGMs.

Consider for a moment that being fat and slow isn’t justification for a 7,000 repair cost.

I will make you hot chocolate if you stop crying

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In general it appears you’ve gone to the forums with a extremely negative attitude
while you have a point that the game currently most likely favors the russian nation in the overall statistics for top br.
its not about the repair cost of a heavy tank, the capability of shaped charge munitions, or the armor of a tank. I love to mention this to people so as you can probably tell, armor penetration post world War 2 very quickly exceeded the capability of non composite armor.
And if you’ve ever wondered why the leopard 1 has so little armor that’s why.
The game is very enjoyable if you find a gameplay loop that you enjoy, but currently from what I can tell you’re just trying to find somekind of toxic reason as to why you’re not having fun.

HEAT-FS is fine facing 300mm steel beasts as their post penetration damage is very unlikely to instantly kill the tank unless you snipe an ammo load.

The issue is the heavy tanks of Britain and other non-Russian nations generally do not have such extreme armor designs excluding a select few. These tanks are all priced exactly the same, that is not healthy for the game.

If necessary a “super-heavy” tag could be added should the 7000-8000 SL repair cost remain necessary, currently it is not justified in the game’s mechanics.

The forums are designed as the place to provide feedback for the developers.

The changes I suggest are things I view as necessary for the game’s health.

If you believe that the game is “bad” because it requires so many changes that is your perspective. I just want a more perfect game to play and enjoy.