The Mauser BK27 is objectively the worst gun in the entire game

I’ve complained about the av8a’s gau12 gun but at least that gun would cripple planes to the point they would get killstolen or missing something most of the time… but i’m so done with this BS.

The Mauser Bordkanonne 27 is objectively the worst gun in the entire game. it’s just crazy how bad it is, it never has gotten me a single pass “aircraft destroyed”, nor did people ever kill me with it. Never. Every time i got hit by it i was either finished off by an aim9m or i returned to repair. This gun is bad, and makes me wonder why is the alpha jet even at 8.7 while being a dogass version of the la.15 with a single plinker on its’ belly. It has low damage, low velocity, low fire volume, low ammo count, low range and low precision.

It needs a buff in damage. Tornadoes can’t frag for hell with such abhorrent shells, why on earth is most of this belt composed of inert shells? Why is it so fragless? We have to cope with bad velocity and range, okay, just lead harder, But so little damage it does absolutely nothing to the targets?

How do YOU explain this:
(critical hit on the cockpit of a stalling f85a5)

“HIt” on the wingtip. Notice also how the shells move diagonally from the gun barrel, I do not use vertical targeting.


This hit doesn’t even tearout the aileron.


A fire? Wow… No.

He’s actually fine.

WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE?! Had it been a ShVAK and it would have send the Mystere spinning.

Literally the most unfun jet i’ve ever played. All of this because the BK27 is G A R B A G E.

Babe wake up,another Mantis cope thread dropped.


Out of curiosity… What belts are you using?

i have never used it on the Alpha jet but when ive been using it on my Gripen and tornados i actually like it, probabally would take it over most guns in this game all apart from maybe the Vulcan from the ones ive used, imo its an equal to the Gsh-30-1, ive never really had a lack of damage with it,


default nd air targets. I tried out the rest and gave me the poorest results so i switch between default and air.

I’d suggest trying armored targets
Try few battles with that and post results

Tbh if you look at the sabre, damage it recived has AP model.

I haven’t used them this patch much for gun fighting but all the cannons have been a bit wonky this patch for me.

The harriers guns were very reliable for me last update(were the bk27s) but since it dropped…they just don’t feel good.

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then explain me how my gun is performing so poorly. Besides the fact i’ve rarely ever been one shot by bk27 as i was by a gsh23l.

i’ll give it a go. Isn’t aphe the major offender? as @DevilO6 pointed out these are ap damage outputs?

that’s what I mean, while for me the m39 cannon on f-5s is now a blast of a gun even against drakens, after all these months i’ve been complaining about them. One hit, one death.

Armored targets don’t have APHE
They have pure AP and one practice tracer

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as typhoon pointed out, i was confused at first as well and so i asked the master flier @Gunjob for ammo belt advise for the mauser cannon. Turns out the SAPHEI is the mausers main anti air belt in war thunder and in reality … of course we only get it on the stealth belts and you need the skill to actualy use it

the armored belts arent quite correct either

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what is not correct in this game? (alt 9)

yeah we need the ability to manualy choose ammo belts…
thats the funny thing as well, Gunjob says the gripen mauser cannons are actualy worse then the tornado or alpha jet ones because they have less SAPHEI rounds in them

about the stealth belts: Not only they’re not stealth (as they still show the same practice tracer round) but they’re as equally stale as the other belts. Solely relying on pilot snipes and fires whenever they do something more than a “critical hit”. And even so considering how much of a stale piece of junk the alpha jet is, it makes it even harder. It’s a stock la15 at 8.7 with a single gun 4mm wider than the 3 23mm of the la15, while both guns share ballistics the n23 deals a lot more damage even per single shell. Proof: Yak-15P slaps.

u got the wrong belt then, the stealth belt has not a single practice round, did you take the armored target belt? they are 2 different ones armored belt got pure AP belts, and the ground target belt a mix of ap belts and only a single SAPHEI.

Stealth belt has only SAPHEI

no, the tealth belt shows indeed tracers. Same for the gau12. In test flights they show no tracers, but in air battles they do show tracers.

My mauser has half saphei half inert ap.



Edit: Oddly enough this is the stealth belt of the Bordkanone on the gripens

And this is on the Tornadoes.

Anyway it was fun to have reached 10KD in this thing before it went all downhill.