The M60-120S was announced, what to expect?

Hi Everybody!
As you probably know by now, the M60-120S was announced in the most recent War Thunder teaser trailer (Alpha Strike Update
But what is it? why is it so important and why am i making a post about it? Well,i’m here to talk about the history of this funky vehicle and what we need to expect of its performance in game
(this post will be really long, so here’s the tl;dr: funny americans build M60 with Merkava engine and M1A1 turret for Turkey and Middle East, project fails incredibly)



The M60-120S was a prototype vehicle developed by GDLS (General Dynamics Land Systems) between 2000 and 2001 as a suggestion to modernise the fleet of outdated M60s MBT present in many Middle-Eastern countries at the time.

Development fully started in December 2000, and in August 2001 GDLS rolled its first prototype.
The tank’s first public appearance was during the IDEF Exhibition in Turkey in October of that same year. This is interesting since Turkey is known for having a lot of M60s, so GDLS thought of securing a deal with Turkey by being there.
Turkey was sort of interested with this project, but not enough to seriously consider it as an option. In fact, it chose the Israeli Sabra III Program to upgrade its existing fleet of M60s.
Still, GDLS hoped that other Middle-Eastern countries chose their project, but lack of proper interest and the complex geo-political climate of that time sealed the fate of this tank.
The mobility will really depend on the version Gaijin will decide to add.

If they’ll go with the prototype version (750hp engine, GM transmission), the mobility will be worse than any M60 present in-game, for the simple reason that the mass of the vehicle is increased from 46.2 tons to 56.3 tons.

However, if they’ll go for the final production version (1200hp engine, Allison transmission), the mobility can be considered a middle ground: way better than the M60A3 TTS, slightly worse or equal than the M1 Abrams.
UPDATE:As of the first dev server,the M60-120S has the prototype powerplant,so 750hp…

Picture this: even tho the tank has 300hp less than the M1 Abrams, it weighs only 800 kg more than the M1 Abrams and 3.1 tons less than the M1A1 Abrams.

With this information, the speed of the vehicle can range between 60-70kph forward and -39kph in reverse, which is a great boost for a M60 chassis.
Not much to speak here: you basically have the M1A1’s turret.

This means very good horizontal and vertical traverse speed, god-tier reload speed, very good optics (coupled with the 1st gen thermals which is fine for spotting targets) and amazing firepower.

However, this last point can be object of a debate: since it’s a M1A1 turret, it should fire the ammunition available to that tank (M830 HEAT-FS, M829 and M829A1 APFSDS). But, as stated above, the tank was developed to be an export-only tank.

This means that the availability of DU ammo such as the M829 and M829A1 can’t be considered due to the refusal of any US government to sell DU ammo or armor to foreign countries. Therefore, the only dart option available is the KE-W (which is already present in the M1A1 AIM and the M60 AMBT and they are, in fact, export tanks). You also can’t use the STANAG 4385 point because you don’t see Leopards in game firing US or JPN ammo for a good reason (balance)
UPDATE:As of the first dev server,the tank has the standard US ammo for the M1A1
Here also there’s not much to talk: you have a M1A1 turret, so the armor profile is literally the same, even the big weakspot of the turret ring.

The hull, however, is another thing: we know it’s a M60 hull, so we know the armor profile, but we also know that it had an add-on armor package. Sadly, we don’t know the composition, so it’s all in the hands of Gaijin’s number guessing.

Still, don’t think that the hull armor will block anything: at max, it will block any HEAT shell under or equal to 105 mm, so I suggest you to not trust the hull in any engagement.

An interesting thing is the fact that there is no mention of any ammo storage located in the hull: if you’re familiar with the M60, you’ll know that the driver sits between two ammo-racks. The lack of any info regarding this means that there is no ammo located inside the hull, so the question is: what resides there?

Even here it’s all in Gaijin’s hands: there could be empty space (meaning a free driveway from any dart through the engine) or there could be 2 armoured fuel tanks just like the Abrams (in which case you’ll have a good chance of eating some spalling)

Yeah, i wrote an article yesterday of over 2000 words reegarding this tank and my considerations of its supposed in-game performance, and i stretched it a little bit here to avoid getting a ban from having wrote too much. Honestly i really can’t wait for this tank to come into the game, it’s just a gremlin weird tank that is basically the incarnation of the US philosophy pre-Afghanistan.
Here are some pictures of the tank took by the trailer (and a meme made by the genius @Motherhen357 ), let me know if you want to know more of this tank, my DMs are open!



It 's a minor thing, but I’m hoping it’ll have an additional camouflage w/ the " 120S " decals on the turret cheeks. Much like the Challenger 2 Black Night 's " demonstration " scheme also available ingame.


I really hope so,if that happens i’ll be very eager to spend my GE on this particular camo.

So with gaijin’s track record of ‘guessing’ at the Abrams’ armor, this thing might as well be made of paper then?

As if the normal Abrams wasn’t weak enough…


It might be honestly,but i’m not too worried.

This thing was not made to survive modern tanks,it was meant to erase everything with one single shot, something the 120mm Abrams are able to do

Priorities firing first and this tank will be marvelous (hoping it’ll sits at the right BR,10.3)

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It SHOULD have 2nd gen thermals, but given that the devs absolutely butcher every US vehicle, I doubt it will get them.

M60-2000 120S MBT 2nd generation thermals


The 2nd generation FLIR could be interesting,but i personally don’t want it.

First of all because it was an option:sure, it’s easy to replace the M1A1’S FLIR with the M1A2 SEP, but GDLS wanted to have the most genuine stock option available to this tank for “show” reasons (a more modern FLIR costs more and requires more time to be put,so the baseline price of the tank would be higher and less people would want the vehicle)

Second reason is that the access of a 2nd gen FLIR means that Gaijin COULD raise its possible BR,and trust me when i say that this thing could be DOA at 11.0 even with a 2nd gen thermal. It either stays at 10.3/10.7 or it’s DOA

it’s literally just an M1A1 turret on an M60 hull, what’s there to guess about? It’ll have a paper hull and good turret.


With an extra helping of turret rings…

Yes,even tho there’s a slight increase of protection on the front hull,the increase is not important at the BR this thing will likely get.

As stated above,you can survive ≥105mm HEAT rounds, <50% survive 120-125mm HEAT rounds and ≥30mm APDS rounds (not APFSDS though)

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This tank will serve as a great example of “how to use the Abrams”

Hide the ring as much as you can

God it’s such an ugly concept. It’s just so cursed.


That’s the production model as proposed, not the prototype as built.
I’d hope for the prototype at 10.3, as the production would definitely be 10.7

Luckily it will be so tall, that you will be able to use mountains and shoot thru the windows on like Abandoned Fukery…

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It’s an unholy child,but i love this thing so much

GDLS basically bragged so much about the Abrams’ success in the Gulf War that used it for EVERYTHING


The prototype is DOA even at 9.3 lmao

You have the M60 engine (not the RISE P,the OG M60) on a tank that weighs 10 tons more than a M60,with a protection that can’t defend you even against 105mm DM23. You’re asking to be shot.

The final production variant will be good at 10.3 or 10.7 (more like 10.3 because it can face Leo2A4 more often and because it’s in the middle BR range between the TTS and the HC)


Ah no. If ammo had be relocated or they had added internal spaced armor, you can be sure GD would have put it in the promotional material.

This tank has nothing to do with US tank “philosophy” It was purely a commercial venture by GD to try to sell an upgrade kit to the Turks for their M-60 fleet.
There was never a “production version”, there was only one prototype “built” (stuck together bits).

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with this terrible dev team at making U.S vehicles? probably going to put it at 10.7 or some other stupid rank. Hell i’d guess it will also be at 11.0

One reason to say that at least the survivability is greater since you don’t have ammo in the hull,even tho there’s also nothing that can slow down any dart from reaching the engine,lol

Eeeh potato potato,me love hybrid tanks (Leo 1A1 L/44,M60-120S and OF-40 Mk.3)

There was a final production variant, basically what GDLS was selling to anyone interested,that had the 1200hp engine+Abrams transmission.
Everything from 2nd gen thermal to hydro suspensions was basically an optional that has no place in the game
The “prototype” can be referred to the first few moments of the project,in which the tank lacked the upgraded powerpack

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There would have been ammo in the hull. The Wiki handwaves something “protected ammo storage in the floor”.

That was equal parts wishful thinking and paper (they probably still used paper back in '99).
It will be an amusing odd-ball tank, but it definitely doesn’t deserve to have 2 versions to grind out in the game.