The m48a1,m48a2c its inefficient

the m48 is very inefficient in its BR, my proposal is to move the m48a1a 7.0 since its cannon does not have quite good ammunition like the tanks it faces and apart from that it does not have a stabilizer

It’s really not a bad tank, the problem is that the HEAT-FS does less damage than it should and the APCR needs a complete correction, both in penetration and damage.

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The M48 is underperforming for quite some time because Gaijin gave it a way too slow RoF.
The whole ideology behind US tanks is to have a fast RoF.

The same could be said about the M60 or Leopard, which somehow reload their bigger guns faster than the M48s 90mm.

Then there’s the Cent Mk 3, which also reloads its similiar powerfull 20pdr faster than the M48s 90mm.
The APCR would have the similiar penetration at close range as the 20pdr APDS, so the main difference would be that the Cent Mk 3 has a stabilizer while the M48 has a rangefinder.


Yup. I remember that interview with the Abrams crewmember Gaijin did where IIRC he said 5.5s was the expected standard for a loader, and that’s with the big old 120mm shells they use. Pattons could get down to about 4 seconds with a well-trained loader.