The limbo of the CV 90 platform and it's future in the game

So. while everyone has been up in arms about the whole storm of the CV 90 40 MK 3 (or C ingame for some reason) being adjusted to a lower ammo capacity which while for game play reasons can feel very uncomfortable as the 40 mm shells are limited in their capability and often requires multiple shells to service a target. while still not seeing any significant buffs to it’s capability like IRST because for some reason that’s limited only to the SPAA model even tho all vehicles are able to track and engage air targets (specifically helicopters), now I understand that the ammo reduction is in the name of realism but I highly recommend that the devs at the least give the CV 90 40 MK 3 it’s track capabilities as a balancing factor for the reduced ammo capacity.

now onto less depressing matters and the further introduction of the many variants of the CV 90 platform, potentially leading to one of the first folders of the Swedish ground tree.
The CV 90 platform is by far the most successful IFV platform in the terms of export to many countries around the world, fittingly also to all the Scandinavian countries who we’ve currently established as a theme for Sweden (which would be fitting to just be renamed to Scandinavia when snail adds Norway and it would be nice to also see Denmark coming with that sub tree as well)
but my point is rather that the CV 90 platform comes with many turrets with many different guns, not to mention the MK 4 of the platform that has “recently” become available it would be fitting to see it be introduced.

now which vehicles could we really see as an introduction to the game? well since there is so many different turrets it would be fitting to see the following

  • CV 90 35 MK 3
    this is the same model as the current CV 90 40 C in the game but rather using the 35 mm Bushmaster III chain gun as it was more practical in use rather than the bigger and bulkier 40 mm bofors, it also contains programmable munitions for air burst capabilities used both against infantry but also aircraft

  • CV 90 35 MK 4
    practically the same as the previous model just upgraded to the MK 4 platform, while I can’t say much about the full specs of the MK 4 as many things are still classified but I’m hoping Snail can get to ask BAE for some help

  • CV 90 30 MK 4
    once again the MK 4 platform bringing in more target capability but using the bushmaster II, a good option for keeping it relevant would be giving it the MBDA AT missile that’s featured in all the marketing material

  • CV 90 30 CZ
    unlike the normal manned turrets this model uses the unmanned system which is also placed on the VBCI-2 premium in the french tree, it would be a good addition since the unmanned turret would give a different playstyle for players to enjoy

  • CV 90 120 Mjönir and the AMOS
    this is just a meme addition, this is a mortar platform using a twin fire 120 mortar system, it would be funny to add but due to conventional mortar ammunition being a ineffective anti tank weapon I’m unsure of how it would be effective in the state of play, unless the STRIX is added. This weapon is a top attack IR guided 120 mm mortar munition, it’s being produced by Bofors so it would be fitting for the vehicle, but since it’s self guided and self targeting it would probably be seen as overpowered by the playerbase, especially since it’s designed to ignore vehicles on fire.

  • CV 90 105 TML
    yes I’m gonna bring it up again, the TML model was very real, even if it was just a showcase by BAE back in 1996, I suggest that snail should reintroduce it, it was a CV 90 hull with the AMX 10 turret, it was fun to play while it was in the game and hopefully the files are still around.

  • PL 01
    the entire reason for me to suggest that the PL 01 is added is simply because the black knight is in the game, it was a tech demo from Poland on what you could do with a extremely expensive package, it was based on the CV 90 hull and in many ways the technical specs of the CV 90 120 ghost platform that BAE has been fiddling with for years.

  • CV 90 50
    now while it’s been very hard to dig something up on this but since the reveal of the 50mm Bushmaster III BAE systems has been openly talking about it being an available option for the CV 90 platform

Edit: I added some additional information on the 120 mm mortar.


This would be a great addition to the game.

The CV 90 should be lowered in BR to match the BMP-1, BMP-2 etc.

Also I will add that Sweden/Finland is missing its BMP-2 and BMP-2MD.


I’m very unsure of if this should be done as the CV 90 is afterall a 1990s IFV, and while I agree that the Bushmaster II doesn’t really have the pen to compete with MBTs at long range I’m still of the opinion it’s at a good place, buth rather that the BMP-1 and especially the BMP-2 that may sit too low for their capabilities.

as for Finland it’s a shame indeed that the snail didn’t wish to have all of Finland’s vehicles added, I’m personally of the opinion that the reason may have been that people where already complaining about “copy paste” as Finland never really produced their own heavy equipment, we are still missing the Mig-15 for air as well in that regard.
not to mention the multitude of helicopters that could be added to Sweden, even if they where never actively used as a attack role but only as utility helicopters

The BMP-2M is from 2019+. So if we are going by dates the CV90 is at too high of a BR and should be 9.0. Right above the BMP-2 and below the BMP-2M.

This right here is suffering. The helicopters we have are abysmal at best. People don’t even bother trying with them.