The lie that is 9.3 ground

i play ground 9.3 germnay not thinking i will be at rank 6 lie it is 10.0 or 10.3 at rank 7.
i have never gotten a battel that is fair for a tank that fires heat-fs bc i don’t have apdsfs yet.
using heat angest era is not fun having to face a abrams wilst only using a leo a1a1 kpz-70 or tam
still without apdsfs. i know this is bc premiums but still. this is not fun for me or the others that cope dayli
with this. many countrys have tanks at 9.0-9.3 but no 10.0 it is.

dear gajin/war thunder devs make this more bairable for all players!

(sorry for bad english)


Hmm… in your mentioned lineup there’s only one 9.3. Take the KPZ out and the only Abrams you will see is the XM1.

He is talking about up-tiers he is facing the M1 at 10.3 and M1 KVT

I know what he said. I’m just mentioning that he may have a better experience at 9.0.

You see the problem is the Germany have the best line-ups at 9.3 and 9.7 :

9.3 : Begleitpanzer 57, KPz-70, M48 Super, T-72M1and Leopard A1A5.

9.7 : Radkapfwagen 90, Leopard 2K, Ozelot, Gapard 1A2, Wiesel 1A5.

So now you will tell me if i have the best line-ups at 9.3 and 9.7 then what’s the problem, the problem is that other nations don’t have the same at 9.3 and 9.7.

US: have only two tanks at 9.3 and nothing at 9.7.

UK: have two tanks at 9.3 and nothing at 9.7.

Japan: have two tanks at 9.3 and one at 9.7.

Italy: have 3 tanks at 9.3 and Two at 9.7.

France: have Two tanks at 9.3 and two at 9.7.

China: have 3 tanks at 9.3 and two at 9.7.

Sweden: have 3 tanks at 9.3 and 2 at 9.7.

Only exception is USSR: with 5 tanks at 9.3 and only 2 at 9.7.

So the problem is no one accept for Germany have proper line-ups at 9.3 and 9.7 that’s why most ppl just play 10-10.7 and that’s why you get up-tiers alot.

We have no tanks at 9.0 we only have Leopard A1A1 and it doesn’t even belong to 9.0 it’s just a worse TAM, same gun but with no LRF, more armoured than the TAM but there is no point of having armour at this BRs since everything can pen you, imo the Leopard A1A1 should be at 8.7

My man, you’re giving OP long term solutions (researching even more tanks) and solutions that are out of his control (BR balancing). What is under his control RIGHT NOW is just leaving the KPZ for later.

Even if he left the KPZ for later once he have 9.3 and 9.7 he will stand no chance against 10.0, 10.3 and 10.7 he will suffer the same fate he will be up-tiered against tanks he can’t defeat eather way, his best option is to completely ignore 9.3 and 9.7 and just go for the 2A4 at 10.3 and build a line-up around it and keep going till he reach top tier my advice to him is not to grind more but to completely abandon this BR range and keep playing at 8.7 since Germany have a great line up there

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9.7 Germany is good and manageable.
Leo2K: Very agile tank, very fast, even compared to other Leopards. Good armament with the L/44 and DM23. Not armored at all, but armor is irrelevant at that BR anyway, with all the APDSFS flying around.
Radkampfwagen 90: Wouldn’t recommend. It is wheeled, yes, but also tall. Very tall. Does not have thermals and is inferior to other wheeled vehicles on that BR. Stock grind is a pain in the ass with this thing.
Gepard 1A2 / Ozelot: Ozelot should be 9.3, but can hold itself with the Stingers on 9.7. Gepard is the same with the missiles, but it has also Guns. Although it is not quite as effective as the normal Gepard as 8.3.
Wiesel 1A2: Haven’t gotten to play this one yet, but it is small, fast and has a lot of ATGMs.
9.7 is better that 9.3 in the matchmaker, but you will still face the same enemies. Those consist mostly of all the 10.0 russian premium players, because there are just a fuckton of them.

10.3 has no real lineup either, just the Leo2A4 and the FlaRakPz 1(and the Vilkas, its an event vehicle though). Leo2A4 is here the best bet. You can pad 10.3 with the 10.0 PUMA or the Tam2C

Also know your enemies weakspots.

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Some brs like 9.3 are just constant uptiers both in air and in ground
New installs with 60$ premiums have to kill something because god forbid lvl 10 joe is in equal fighting terms with his enemy. Afterall he did just pay 60$(what do you mean he will leave after he dies because he only has reserve vehicles to spawn?). Also please understand that br decompression is hard for this small indie company

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