The less XP you need the often you die!

10,000 Tank XP => 10 Games at least ?!?!?!!

Who hasn’t experienced this? You are still 10K XP short of the next tank and nothing works on one of them. You get killed one shot on the most impossible positions, suddenly there are various server issues and disconnects and your precise shots don’t hit anything anymore.

Coincidence? Far from it. Over the last 6 months I have made a statistic which shows that your death ration increases massively, in the last 50K XP for high tier tanks, the last 10K for mid tier tanks and the same for planes.

Coincidence? Far from it. The only possibility is that the programming automatically applies a massive nerve to you as soon as you enter this region.
How is that possible? it is simple programming of the ration between your progress, your kill-death-win ration and the needed XP for your next vehicle.

What does Gaijin do? Nothing at all. I have written several tickets/issue reports and nothing happens.
This makes the game fun and you will definitely lose gamers and hardly attract new players to the game. Good luck.

Do you have similar experiences?

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Its like some kind of RNG generator is activated. Who knows,
Maybe its balance .
Maybe its done keep you down.
Maybe its done to keep you playing .
Maybe its done to frustrate you so much you spend GE to progress further.
Maybe it is done to make the progress be felt more postive if you get a new vehcile and its not like a downgrade atfer you leave your fully spaded and expiranced and udnerstood vehciel.

I mean Its the same with wagers isint it? You activate a wager and suddenly everthing goes to crap.
Maybe in the last 10k xp gajin deactivates the handholding and you actualy use the vehicel as it is.
Could be we have a all a protection bubble because of all the whining.

Many speculations. You should do that ove rmany many accounts and keep a statstic up.
If its intentional it is traceable.

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I’ve noticed this also, and the same with boosters, pretty much guaranteed to have a mediocre match, with a 300% rp booster i always end up with the same as if i didn’t use a booster.

Victory in the [Battle] Carpathians mission!

Activity Time 7403 SL 670 RP
F-84G-21-RE(Italy) 215 + ¶215 + (Booster)323 = 753 SL 3 + ¶3 + (Booster)7 = 13 RP
OF-40 1100 + ¶1100 + (Booster)1650 = 3850 SL 108 + ¶108 + (Booster)227 = 443 RP
◔ZSU-23-4 800 + ¶800 + (Booster)1200 = 2800 SL 52 + ¶52 + (Booster)110 = 214 RP

Time Played 23:31 15685 RP
F-84G-21-RE(Italy) 57% 1:04 98 + ¶98 + (Booster)206 = 402 RP
OF-40 92% 10:38 1679 + ¶1679 + (Booster)3527 = 6885 RP
◔ZSU-23-4 98% 11:49 2048 + ¶2048 + (Booster)4302 = 8398 RP

Reward for winning 54602 SL

Skill Bonus 5826 RP
F-84G-21-RE(Italy) III 227 RP
OF-40 III 2240 RP
◔ZSU-23-4 III 3359 RP

Earned: 186366 SL, 29747 CRP
Activity: 97%
Damaged Vehicles: ◔ZSU-23-4, F-84G-21-RE(Italy), OF-40
Backup vehicles spent: ◔ZSU-23-4, OF-40
Automatic repair of all vehicles: -1766 SL
Automatic purchasing of ammo and “Crew Replenishment”: -2085 SL

Researched unit:
Vampire FB 52A: 1161 RP
SIDAM 25: 4889 RP

Researching progress:
◔ZSU-23-4 - Filters: 8109 RP

Used items:
Active boosters SL:
Common: +150%SL

  • Personal booster
    +150%SL, gives (+150%SL).
    Active boosters RP:
    Common: +210%RP
  • Personal booster: +200%RP
    +200%RP, gives (+200%RP).
  • Public booster: +10%RP
    +10%RP (all allies), gives (+10%RP).

Total: 182515 SL, 29747 CRP, 14159 RP

I think you just need to step up your game when you activate a booster tbh. There’s a sort of mentality that causes you to perform worse when you know there’s a lot at stake. You just need to be confident you can make the most of your booster to get a nice reward.

*I’ve removed a lot of the details that just bloat this post of mine.


They call it confirmation bias don’t they.

Gaijin running WT like a dodgy Eastern European casino doesn’t help much but if somebody has a proven formula to prove foul play on Gaijins part then we all need to see it.


Can we see this?

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I just wanna know what kind of random statistic they have that dictates something is foul play when its likely just them worrying about the booster too much to perform properly.

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Suspicion is one thing but proving it is another.

I mean thousands of players have wagers and boosters going all the time so it could lose Gaijin a huge amount of SL but SL would surely need to be bought with GE in order for that to matter.So how much SL do players buy with GE?

Buying SL with GE does indeed give SL a value but is it worth Gaijin cheating over it? I mean there is nothing to stop you appearing on the games mini map as a result of activating a big booster or wager.How would you know? Nothing to stop the big arrow appearing over your tank just a little bit sooner than it might.

Gaijin could make it hard for you in game certainly.How would you ever prove it though ? Nobody ever has therefore its all just talk.Might as well be a history channel documentary lol

The more something becaomes certain teh more exploiteble it is. Its like card counting.
For normal users its invisble.

For exploites.
For Bot farmers for chetares and hackers and hack producers its a gold mine.
Profits that would be made by gajin are funneld away to thrid partys.

Most important lesson i got in phsics class is about people.

People are like electricity, they go always the way of least resistance.
You see that in every game. The second somtehing is OP every one exploits and uses it.
Its not dumb but detrimental for the game, for new players and soforth.
Also keep in mind that the uncertanaty is what makes this addictive for most people. It is gambling, you never know what you get. It is a key factor. Its also what makes it for some people fun. Not knowing what will happen.

It’s coincidence and self made bad luck. It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy. Your close and your excitement and over eagerness leads you to play over confidently and try too hard for those points your so close to.


Psychology is an amazing thing to study ,really shocking what can be done with psychology and manipulation.Its a really serious business.All the shady agencies use it ,Mossad ,CIA,MI6 etc so to fall apart after activating a big wager is likely as is attributing the bad run of games to your booster.It is always going to be down to evidence. Anecdotal evidence has its place but this one for hard proof.

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If you just take a quick look at the daily tasks, you know that the screws are being turned.
Capture-Streak? Get rdy that you don’t see a match with three caps the next two or three battles.
Best Squad? The 1st battle with this task you don’t get a squad mate …
Win battles? You better brace yourself to get packed into teams of new players …
Critical hits? Do they exist anymore …

My biggest mindset struggle is that I’m stuck at a general 60% monthly win rate. Anything above that will be rewarded with very tough defeats.

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Thats the point of that system.
You cant be allowed to go get to that 100%.

If you reach the stars what else is there? Nothing!
Keep running after that carrot on the stick. Keep fighting, keep login in.
If your on the top there is nothing more.
The whole system is caterd and made for that reason. The more ceratin somthing is the more you can stack the ods in your favor. Cant have that!
Winning gets boring and then you go somwhere else.
All that is needed is, just enougth to keep you alive, keep you wanting for more, but never so much you feel satisfied. Always wanting more and more more…

You get there why its how it is.
Why tehr esi so much cheating why all teh rng crap.

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It took me a long time to get the 57% win rate I had but only a few games to lose it which is interesting.I tried UHQ lovers aircraft only routine,probably fluffed it and after only a couple of hours my percentages dropped significantly yet it took weeks to get them up to how they were.I think the game made a big mistake when it became about stats and percentages.Its a greed based game based on stat watching and counting every point and penny.No wonder its such a vile, toxic and over competitive place generally.

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I pay attention to my win rate insofar as I consider it a representation of my team play. I don’t see myself as a lone fighter, even if it often feels like I’m alone.
But there are those rare nice moments when you find 5 players in a battle who know what they are doing and you can achieve something together with them.
I don’t like to get hung up on the K/D … This is where I see the most toxicity.
A small example: After playing many rounds of CAP and SPAA, I’ve realised that everything has its pros and cons. Only I know people here who want to tell you that it’s all rubbish if you don’t have a certain K/D.

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Stop making things up and insult devs with such accusations.
Show real proofs or take your silly conspiracy theories out of our forum.
Thank you.