The less vehicles there are in your lineup the faster you can get off [Conquest #1] Sands of Sinai

Taking in Five vehicles be it 2 MBT / 1 IFV / 1 SPAA / JET(Helicopter)

or even 3 MBT / 1 SPAA / JET(Helicopter)

Is against Gaijin’s game design. You should never bring in more than two vehicles and CAS. The faster you finish your matches the faster you can get in to more matches so that you can get in to more matches after the match finishes.

Especially bountiful when the map chosen by the algorithm is [Conquest] (Variation).

Map designed for BTR 80

Eland 90



Same crap ,hate them all no matter what nation they are

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Obviously there must be some logical reason even though Gaijin has buffed “time played” where it rewards far more than kills and other whoopedeedoos.

Battles die down and there are less targets. After a certain point, people decide it might be better to try a fresh match rather than squeeze any more kills out of the current match.

Gaijin has made it that the time played rewards far more than any kills or assists can accumulate. So doing 3 or 4 kills in a 15 min match gives the same if not more rewards than 6 kills in a 5 minute match.

So staying in a match for longer gives you decently more rewards than rushing it all the time, quitting fast and rushing into the next match.

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i know. But monkey brain only says you are getting rp when it sees the “target destroyed” text pop-up

*active in a battle