The Leopard 1 AND A1A1

why i feel that using a leopard 1 is better than A1A1. even the A1A1 has a stabilizer whats the different things between this tank?

A1A1 gets a stabilizer, some addon armor (not much), and APFSDS.

bro i said that im feeling better when using a leopard 1 without a stabilizer but why?

You also asked for their differences.

Unless you’re playing them at the same battle rating (a terrible idea), the lower BR one should feel better.

i played the leopard 1 on 9.0 but i feeling better to use it than the A1A1 hmmmm

You are saying your Leopard 1 is performing better than Leopard A1A1 at 9.0? Did you use HEATFS and intentionally turn off the stabilizer of A1A1?

Because Leopard 1 is still worth at this BR,while Leopard1A1A1 is lag behind in 9.0.
In German light tank tech tree,you can fill a litht tank called TAM (at BR8.7),his arment and firepower is the same as Leopard1A1A1, but his mobility and LRF are SUPERIOR to Leopard.