The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

I’m sure they didn’t even try to reproduce it. If it had concerned a T-80 the problem would have already been corrected.

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It does happen on T-80s.
The issue is hitting perfectly in the same spot is impossible for humans, and these one in a million shots are just hard to reproduce.

The absolute nonsense that went on in this thread.

How is it the Leclerc that has the largest population of players reporting that it’s underperforming with evidence that can lead to a buff. That must mean that there’s severe problems, or am I just missing the threads where others have created several long topics discussing their equivalent underperforming?

The problem seems to be reports are frequently denied because “That’s how it’s intended in game.” Meanwhile there’s weirdos who derail the discussion by claiming as if they’re a top 1% that can dominate matches all by themselves so it’s fine in it’s current state.
We could get OFL 120 F1B+, 5 second reload, actually usable UFP & gun mantlet, better mobility (It’s sprint speed can reach 90km/h, so it could at least be around 83km/h), and better turret traverse.

The Leclerc is a good tank in specific situations, the problem is that the majority of the time the vehicle underperforms in the majority of them outside of those specific instances where you would be better off with a Type 10.
French top tier being “GOATed” as well? That’s laughable. If anyone counts the S1, S2, and SXXI which are three of the same tank and the Mirage-2000D as the GOAT, I’d like to see their reaction to any other tech tree. Where performance is likely worse then China and Italy with how little there is to work with.

Now there’s new vehicles that will bring Rank VIII ground? If the Leclerc is left alone France will be dead and rotting as a tech tree.


France could get the XLR Leclerc

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The Leclerc should just be buffed in general. We don’t need to XLR which will enter the game in a neutered state just for it be a slightly different flavor of the same thing.

It’s a Leopard 2A7+ equivalent and should be treated as such with it’s implementation.


For most of the buffs possible for the Leclerc, many of them have reports being worked on or already posted. The reload rate is for exemple in gaijing’s hand and will depend if they consider it. We are kinda hopping for a UAE squadron Leclerc to crash the stats of the tank which is statistically more played by better players than other main tech trees so that maybe the devs would consider buffing it that way.
As for the armor, very well made reports have been made but rejected due to their lack of somewhat precise numbers. If you have any acceptable sources (by gaijing’s standards), feel free to share them to us, as they would be useful in proofing reports.
The speed one is another thing as well. For example, the Abram’s is also limited in its speed but due to gear limitations. Thus, we want to prove that the Leclerc can actually achieve these speeds under regular or combat operations, and, for this as well, a report is in the work but we’d appreciate further sources to bullet proof them, especially because of the impact they would have on how the Leclerc is played and its position compared to other top tiers. You’ve seen @WaretaGarasu put out a lot of simpler and easier to pass bug reports recently, and this is for now not everything.
But it’s true that the ones that really matter are also the ones we want to make sure are absolutely correct for them to make it into the game, so we are still looking for more sources and informations to cross reference everything


It’s a given that I’m a similar situation as you. Where I’m going to need to buy books and go deep into the depths of the Internet to find declassified documents.

I would also prefer if the EAU Leclerc was implemented to replace the AZUR because my opinion is that it should be removed outright. It having a meaningful replacement rather then it leaving an empty space seems appropriate.

I really hope the new french consultant will be putting in the work needed to fix the tree and it’s vehicles(most prominently being the Leclerc)

With Gaijin’s communication policy we don’t even know if there is really a new consultant.


Vacuum is 3BM69/3BM70 (Vacuum-1/Vaccuum-2)
which is like 900mm long or smth, thats a rumor its somewhere this long.
Now Autoloader for T-72B3/M, T-80BVM,UE-1/UA, T-90A/M can take APDSFS with length up to 740mm, meaning theres probably no way of them firing it, as it was developed to be used in new gun with tanks with ability to use longer APDSFS, example being T-14.

There are ways to fit longer shells into T-90, but its not practisised and not fitted onto serial vehicles.

3BM59 could be what you described as Vacuum for T-72B3, in meaning too much to have, however despite it existing and (in 2004 produced) actually being fielded (photo of onw appeared in 2014) its not produced in any big number, its not fielded in big numbers/at all currently, its performance is unknown as theres no good source stating one exact number, only suggestions on what it can be.

I know this might be off topic. I hope innacuraties of in game modeling of both Leclerk and Challenger 2 series of tanks are corrected.

I don’t believe they ever announced a new consultant. If anything they closed the previous thread complaining about the current consultant.


Armor still bad and fuel tanks still filled with plutonium explode almost every time even it hit.
Seriously? that one of the most expensive tank in the world i’m sure it not that stupid

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Would that mean that the devs are just going with whatever they want or would they be trying to listen to us more without another step?

I like to think we’ve been treated well lately so it has to mean something good.

this thread has amassed almost 1300 replies and tens of thousands of views, it has become one of the largest threads on this forum in a very short amount of time. I highly doubt the devs aren’t aware


The dev team is split up so really whatever we get is down to whichever individual dev handles each issue. If they deem changes “unnecessary” for balance then your bug report is screwed.

Historically air changes happen faster and in a somewhat more methodical manner. Ground changes, not so much. If your ticket is submitted as a suggestion, or closed for “balance” forget it.


Yeah Ground Devs are a whole different kind of breed lol.

I’m not surprise anymore. At this point, even if you produce a 200 pages essay with sources, they would rather use it as toilet paper.


you should make an individual post about this

Indeed prepare for a massive Leclerc buff, they becoming SSS tiers next update


I remember the amount of insults I received from major nation players when the EBR was implemented just as it should… It was toxic! And it is not even top tier. And I was not even discussing on the forum.
I believe they will not do that “mistake” again, they dont want to hurt their little feelings.

For someone like me who spend time reading your posts about mechanics, I think they are interesting. it would be great if they reflect in the wiki somehow, at least you would not have done all of that work for just being rejected by the devs.