The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Probably not, as “common sense” is clearly not a good enough reason for Gaijin to review something. Laviduce made an extremely detailed post on the old forum making some pretty strong arguments for changes, but gaijin said it was insufficient as well.
The only way we could get more accurate values at this point would be by using classified information, and we all know how gaijin feels about those (not that I have any anyway).


I think buff 2 Leclerc it enough is Leclerc S2 get new shell OFL 120 F2 replace OFL 120 G1 & add 2nd apfsds 120 OFLE F2 on Leclerc SXXI, increase at 12.0 and move to rank VIII

Should be that long ago really better round are big need for it

I like the Leclerc but it is definitely one of the weaker 11.7s in game right now, sitting somewhere between the base M1A2/2A5 and the Challenger/Ariete.

The easiest buffs to the Leclercs would be to give them a 5s reload and to give the S.2 and S.XXI the OFL 120 F2 shell. Both are realistic changes and the latter would also create some distinction between the S.1 and S.2 which right now are just reskins of each other.

An armour buff would be nice but unless someone can dig up a Nexter/KNDS brochure actually saying something substantial (like RHAeq or specific munitions it can protect against) it’d have to be entirely speculative and Gaijin will probably never do it.

And during thos time, GJ give thermal on T-80B because, you understand, the model who served for the game is the tank who presented in a swedish army event presentation have a thermal,…



And then some say that Gaijin does not favor the Soviets (their equipment) and that Gaijin does not deliver to French Bashing. But all this and Gaijin’s actions prove it. And the arrival of the Royal is not proof that Gaijin is interested in France, it is simply the logical continuation of things.


you can see gaijin very active on France related bug reports and suggestions i do wonder if its just a waiting game because most of the buffs France needs gaijin just hast modeled for any vehicle just do to how modern France is currently compared to most nations either that or StAtIstiCs


Love how some peole just come and say “no it’s not bad you can still kill something with it”. Well duh, obviously. I can also kill a T80 with a Tiger but that doesn’t mean it’s fair or balanced.
The Leclerc is underperforming compared to its rivals, it has literally no advantage, that’s what we are saying…


my biggest issue is that the leclerc s21 was added in 2021 France hast had anything new for top tier since not even a buff which is wild to me lots of nations cant go a major update without seeing a tech jump slightly off topic but.


And that’s the whole contradiction in gaijin’s argument: They want us to provide indisputable proof that they’re wrong, but the only thing that fits the bill is classified info which is unusable.
And hell, even manufacturer info isn’t enough: See the Mistral’s performance or Spookston giving them official documents about the M41 and them not doing anything about it

Eh, I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. I thought the La Royale patch was pretty good for France:

  • We got the AuF1. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and it’s not overtiered and is quite fun to play (and also a bit difficult due to its size and how situational HE can be, but enjoyable regardless)
  • We got our first IFV. It’s unfortunate that it’s a premium, but we know more will come since the MCT-30 and the Philoctete shares the same VBCI 2 chassis. And the fact that they used the MCT-30 variant for the premium means that the most powerful versions are still free for the tech tree, which is a great thing.
  • The Mirage 2000-5 was added, which adds another good aircraft to top tier. No MICA, but it would probably have been unbalanced had they added them with no equivalent for other nations.
  • The French navy was (partially) added. Now personally I’m a bit disappointed in its addition due to the tree being a bit lackluster, but still.

Honestly, it was one of the best patch in a long time for France.


Many tanks don’t have the service ammo in game that were used in combat. Case in point, the M1A1 at 10.7, I deployed on that tank carrying a combat load consisting of M829A2, M830, M830A1 and M1028. In game it only has access to M829, M829A1 and M830.

When it comes to France’s ground and helicopters, it’s never enough until they want to be honest.
They will always find an excuse not to implement such buffs.

I agree but sadly Gaijin won’t implement it.
I know it, I’ve made a bug report about it a while ago but it was completely rejected. Long story short, the chances we get better armor are near zero.
So I personally made my peace with the fact that the Leclerc is a glorified Light Tank that can’t tank rank III shells lol.

However, the chances we can get faster reload / better penetration are much higher than the chances we get better armor.

That’s why I advocate for a 5 seconds reload and OFL 120 F1B / OFL 120 F2 rather than armor 😉

i can live with low pen what i want is mobility fixed so i can be that glorified light tank


I support the suggestion towards the leclerc, however if you pay close attention France never understood the meaning of protection systems and armour they even thought WW2 armor doubled the amount would be good when it came to the wars in 1940 etc for example, the AMX 50 Foch it fought in wars and suffered from heat if i am correct, many countries out there never understood armor like Japan, Italy, China, France so with that being said i support the suggestion but it’s just how these type of countries think and work.

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Leclerc has major issues, and it could definitely use a buff to become competitive, but it’s not a Leclerc exclusive problem.

Challenger 2’s need similar buffs and the ready rack nerf reverted, Abrams tanks need their historical DU hull inserts and appropriate thermals, Leopard 2’s need their mantlet nerf undone, etc. most nations are really struggling in their top tier MBTs protection, reload speed, and in the case of the Merkavas and Challengers, mobility too.

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Ouch … that’s borderline racist …
To start, France had ones of the best tanks available in WW2, mostly in armour department.
Then, the Foch didn’t fight anywhere because it was only a protoype and was never produced for combat.
France “understood” armour very well and that’s why they mainly focus on speedy tanks because the idea is “whatever armour you put on, you’ll still get penetrated so let’s just avoid the shells”, and that’s true.
The Leclerc is pretty well protected but we’ll have to wait for a conflict to be sure. Those in Yemen never got destroyed for example, only one got penetrated by a missile on the UFP, killing the driver. The tank was repaired though.


the difference is compared to most nations excluding Israel and Britain is the Leclerc’s are the only thing the French tech tree has right now and only thing France has had for the past 3 years around top tier


And the fact that, even though the Leo may have some inaccurate weakpoints, the Leclerc is a huge weakpoint on its own…