The Jag IS is coming

We’ve been asking for the GR3 for awhile - and I guess this is gajoobles answer to it.

I’m actually excited for this plane but I do have some worrys. - Most likely it will be a copy paste plane and will not have a fixed flight model and retain the old bugs of the old flight models.

It should be 10.3 - but we know with the magic 2s it will be 10.7 or higher.

Overall though to have a jag that has overwing pylons with all aspects and a thermal pod will be nice to finally have.


Why would it have a copy of the old Jag’ FM? It should fly identically to the GR.1A as such can just be lifted 1:1 from that.

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11.0 or nothing,… unlike the F-8E(FN) (which have only Magic-1) the Jaguar have access to CM’s and is pretty capable aircraft as the F-8E(FN) is.

Did the GR.3 not receive any Engine upgrades over the GR.1A?

I just want my tigershark man :( Been wanting it since Red Skies released ages ago. It’d be the perfect event vehicle.

Seems to be a late-model Jaguar IS/Shamsher DARIN I from the LRMTS nose and Tarang RWR fit

I’m not sure the Litening/Reccelite pod is appropriate for that variant, since they retained both guns and India’s Litening/Reccelite-equipped Jags all carry the pod under where the starboard gun was removed for the DARIN II upgrade, or are twin-seat Jaguar IBs with no guns.
But the Magics will be neat

Jaguar International was the basis for the Indian Jag’s, which was just a GR.1A with a logo.


The current FM that its going to copy has issues that havent been fixed.

Such as?

If you lose the rudder and not the vertical stabilizer the plane becomes unflyable. This is not the case because most of the vertical fin is the vertical stabilizer and simply losing the rudder would not cause total loss of control.

Thats a damage model issue, not a FM one.

Well it needs to be fixed, I did some testing and was doing 400kts in a dive and had the rudder get shot off and all of a sudden the plane can’t fly anymore.

I mean most planes can even fly with most of the vert stab gone so somethings just wrong with the tail.

Well there are no open report on that subject, so its never getting fixed until someone does it.

I put one in forever ago so I guess Ill do it again and see what happens again, maybe they will listen.

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Dont forget the ingame screenshot, and the clog. Otherwise I cannot forward it.

Yes it did. Jag IS made use of mark 804 or 811 engines which are differnt to the 104 found in the GR.1A

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What kind of weaponry could we expect from this variant?

I’m assuming that it was optimised somewhat more for Indian Air Force operations… so somewhat better at coping with higher altitude or hotter airfields?

Yep and better thrust over all. 804 has 8040lb 811 has 8400 pre channel losses ofc.

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now, pakistani t80ud to china?