The J001A with N11 does not have the ability to launch R77

The J77A, capable of using the R11, is an upgraded version of Belarus and has an upgraded radar, as well as missile incoming detection. If you just use the N001 radar, then the J11a should not have the ability to launch R77 missiles, you need J11B or J11a mlu of the 2014 life extension program, we know that the development team just wants to copy a Russian vehicle to China, but if you just copy the su27sk, then it does not have the ability to launch R77, we need the J11A MLU equipped with a new radar or J11B with more Chinese characteristics.(能够使用R77的J11A是白俄罗斯升级版的,拥有升级版的雷达以及导弹来袭探测。如果仅仅只是使用N001雷达的话则J11a应该不具备发射R77导弹的能力,需要J11B或者2014年的延寿方案的J11a mlu,我们知道开发组只是想要复制一款俄罗斯的载具给中国,但是如果只是复制su27sk那么是不具备发射R77的能力,我们需要装备新雷达的J11A MLU或者更有中国特色的J11B。)


No, J-11A’ radar have full ability to use R-27ER/R-77 and R-73.

J-11A is just a domstic version of Su-27Sk, since Su-27Sk can fully utily all modern missiles, J-11A can do that too.

The J-11A in game is a J-11A MLU, note the MAWS fixtures behind cockpit

It received the N-001VE[P] IRL, and thus should have it in-game.

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All the information I could find from the Chinese website showed that the J11A needed to modernize the N001 radar before it could launch an active radar missile, for which I specifically asked a friend who served in the Air Force( 国产歼-11A航电升级型亮相 已装备“南霸天”师 ( I don’t think you can necessarily understand it, but here is the “J11A” in your picture and the one in the game, and it turns out that it is the J11A MLU, which is the J11A life extension upgrade

Refer to artic-fox relied, Gaijin added the J-11 MLU so they should rename it since the model of J-11 ingame also the J-11 MLU.

Have you ever read this after putting what you want to say into that google translate page and copy out?


The radar is merely updated instead of a full new one on the J-11A MLU.

Yes, so I just posted a very simple request from Chinese players and gave the development team a thoughtful solution: 1. Change J11A to J11A MLU and upgrade the avionics system and radar 2. Send J11B directly to Chinese players and change the model Upgrade the avionics radar and Chinese air-to-air missiles, of course, this is a lot of work, but Chinese players will cheer for it

I’m sorry I’m using translation software

Name change? The “J-2”, “J-4” and “J-11” are still watching ya bud. Pretty much not happening since Gaijin.

Pretty sure this is what gaijin intend to do within the next few days before the update drops. Just give the snail few more time…

Do you really thing Gaijin will be that generous especially when this case is about a vehicle originally designed in Russia?

Please let me answer you in one sentence in Chinese“取法于上,仅得为中,取法于中,故为其下”its means" Take the law from the top, only for the middle, take the law in the middle, so for the bottom"


But I’m teaching you the truth, and your arrogance about the Chinese tech tree is deeply rooted in the essence of the West, so you just use the usual “almost got”

我不知道也不想知道您从我的充满对Gaijin失望的行文中哪里得出了My arrogance about the Chinese TT is deeply rooted in the essence of the West这一点。

After all, I’m just an art student, and I’m disappointed in these arrogances, so I’m trying to correct them now