The issues are player based vs game based

I know we bash the Devs but let us look at some of the real issues with the state of the game. Teammates ignoring scouting and rushing strait to other teams spawn. Getting rammed into by teammates rushing to cap when you are trying to get to your position. Team in CAS going after vehicles they cannot destroy and ignoring other teams CAS. Leaving after 1-2 deaths, ( I do this more now once I see half the team gone 3 minutes into a match.) Jumping into CAS just to dive into the ground. Team killing your own CAS. Team not helping with repair.( I help repair others as much as I can.) Cap one cap rush strait to other teams spawn while all caps get taken over. So basically the issues are player based vs game based. Not saying the game is perfect but Most issues I see are player based issues.

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The real “issue” is “why the players are like that”. The answer is because war thunder is focused in money rather than gameplay.
Either because the game is running out of vehicles or just because they want get the maximum profit with lower effort


I didn’t want to include that as I have been banned from here 2 many times for bringing that issue up.

Because everyone only sees the next tank that will hopefully bring them salvation in the form of dominance on the battlefield. Many people don’t realise that this is an illusion.
Then there is the fact that many people also believe that buying a premium tank means they are in possession of a total killing machine. Wrong. This tank also needs knowledge to turn it into a dangerous weapon.
When some players then realise oh I’ve got a problem, my favourite phrase comes up: “I’m only playing for fun anyway!”
Welcome to the world of self-deception. Nobody can tell me that it’s fun to drive straight towards the cap for 1 minute and then take a shot, catch a bullet only to leave the match thinking RU bias, US to weak or Germany suffers.
I’m taking it to the extreme now and this will probably offend many people. But I don’t really care now. When I started playing on the computer in 1996, games like Tomb Raider didn’t have any tools or big tutorials. You had to find out for yourself how things worked. Only simulations like FS2000 and the like came with very thick and even printed manuals.
Today, almost every game shows you where to go next and tells you what to do. Hardly anyone has to think about what would make sense. Even in the tutorial. Shoot the three enemies … what the … ?
The reluctance to see oneself as part of the problem has been lost to “modern” civilisation. The solution is constantly sought outside. Let the other person adapt to my needs. I’m just waiting for the first pronouns for tanks …


Lol, CAS have better gameplay, than tanks

Game conditions everyone into grind mindset. So nobody plays the game to play the game like say DCS or Il-2 or other types of games.

It is all about getting new shiny. Nothing else, game lost its soul, from god aweful braindead game modes to visible lack of passion from development team.

Mark my words when Aces of Thunder comes out Gajin will kill off Air Sim.

That is just PVP gaming generally.
You are playing children on here ,people forget that.

Gaijin have stated many times that they wont interfere with what people want to do too much and lately they have broken that promise and I dont think the game is any better for it.

Gaijin could eradicate some issues though if the wanted too. Just remove Air Team kill,do it is a few minutes. Spread spawn out more so we dont trip over each other.Creep spawn for secondary spawn forward if your team is racing away from you .

Problem is your priorities and everyone elses may be different and they may change as you play more.

Game design issue ,scouting rewards are rubbish and people abandoned it on masse back when Gaijin couldn’t be arsed to fix it for over a year.

Once again design issue,on spawn we are all bunched up then funneled out of spawn trough some tight exits (in towns) or players are in hurry to escape helis that will start shooting 20 seconds after spawning.

If you spawn in plane that is slower,cannot climb after enemy or turn with enemy …the only thing left is to dump your payload and then attack enemies with cannons machine guns…this in a way is scouting.

Another design issue… allowing player lvl 1 to buy tank that is meant to be used by lvl 100 …is design issue.

This is main reason i leave after first death

Issues are both player and game design
Assist system needs to be reworked ,just like scouting and introducing new trophies and unique rewards.


I actually enjoy scouting and it was part of the last battle pass I did but it plays havoc with your stats and for little gain in game as you say.

Technically there are always historical paper and Mockup vehicles. Nothing completely dreamed up by a dev, but a historic plan that got some sort of military recognition.

I take a Kranvagn or Coelian over T-80 variant number x at any time.

Matehmatics and efficency. Why waste time doing something that cost lots of time and has less reward then doing it fast but wrong and get lots of reward?

It can be simply controlled by rewards. Suvide charges stop very fast when ther eis no reward upon death even if there is victory. Sure it will get more messy and campy but then who risks it and dares earns more rewards.

Behavior can be controlled by sugar and cane.

Coelian as it is in game now ,no tnx

The actual issue is that at any given time the chances of the rest of your team time-sharing a single braincell are pretty high. Actually no that’s… maybe a little too much.

The “cap a cap rush spawn” thing is linked closely to the one-death-leave thing; you get people driving a (in their mind at least) omgwtfpremiumpwnmobile and they want to, of course, pwn! And the easiest way to do that is to get people coming out of enemy spawn. That it’s also the quickest way to die uselessly hasn’t quite dawned in their little omgwtfpwnbrains :)

The one death leave problem, well, that’s what you get when anyone can buy a top (or near-top) tier premium and go play with the big boys. You get the big boy toy, but not the big boy knowledge. And that means they die early. And if it’s the only vehicle in their lineup, there’s no punishment for a return to garage and queue a new battle.

I’m doing it now too; I used to (well I still do) run with at least 5 vehicles in a lineup, but if after 3 minutes half the team is dead and back in the garage, I’m not sticking around either because at that point the match is pretty much decided already. Unless the enemy’s team has the same issue, then I’ll stick around because the playing field at that point is still somewhat level.

And unfortunately, Gaijin will never gatekeep premium vehicles, because that’d mean less money because you can’t tell that person with the wallet who is ready to spend spend spend that they need to slog through the normal tech tree for a while first before they’re allowed to buy a top tier vehicle, even if that is one of the ways in which you safeguard the health of your flagship game.

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I’ve been saying for a while that the community and players need more fixing than the game as the compunding ignorance to situations and advice to ignore and turn off chat makes for bad teams, and players not wanting to even try for fear of getting killed.

I think somewhere along the way Gaijin changed the focus of their business model. It seems to me they are doing everything they can to cater to new WT players who might buy expensive top tier premium vehicles.

I have a lot of hours in WT and have spent a lot of money on this game. But in the last few years it seems for every 1 change Gaijins makes that I really like they make 3 that alienate me.

I’ve moved completely away from supporting this game financially because of their practices.

Gaijins seems far more focused on making money at any expense than gameplay or the experience of playing WT long term.

My biggest issues are maps/map design, balance, new content implementation (copy/paste)

None of these issues are player driven…

An example would be the feature that many asked for to help Air Battles of having multiple airfields to spawn from. A mostly top tier Air request, this was an idea suggested to help with the new ARH meta and was completely ignored.
Instead they gave a halfhearted option to reduce team size(that isn’t activated most of the time) and called it a day…

Just feels like their #1 concern is selling $70 premiums and attracting players who will buy those no matter what the effect on the game is.