The issue with spall liners

Understandable, have a good day.

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Sure, here is some of them: // Issues (96A, ZTL-11) // Issues (this one is for the 99A and VT-4, but they pooled sources for all 3rd gen MBTs (which includes the regular 99II and 99III) into this report as there have been multiple Chinese spall liner reports made.

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Why is it fair that one nation gets a huge advantage?

40 days played with a lot of German time that is paired with Sweden more often than not and only 1.2kd


They are now. They weren’t before.

And don’t say that’s untrue, cause you and I both know how ridiculously durable Russian Tanks are.

How is one getting the advantage?

Are you trying to imply the T-72B (I think) is overpowered? That’s the weirdest vehicle to pick on from Soviet high tier and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone imply it’s overpowered.

Gaijin don’t iterate on their implementations

Before spall liners STRVs protection was good, only Leo lacked hull protection, with A7 is good.
They would be fine without spall liners just like STRVs were for w long long time

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Then T90M and Chally2’s will also be fine without spall liners, either remove it from all tanks or make rework on them and add it to the all tanks that are missing.

Yep remove them all, I did not said once that they shall be removed only from leo and strv

İf thats what majority wants and gaijin is willing to do that then im fine with it, if gaijin doesnt want to(which i assume they dont) we need proper rework on spall liners and more tanks with it.

Removing Spall Liners will once again allow Russia to win every game.

I haven’t had any issues when it comes to spall liners, it might be just placebo because it certainly doesn’t make you more survivable. T-90M dies in one shot like any other Russian tank and the 2A7V spall liner hardly does anything. Other than save your loader or gunner from time to time.

The Strvs 122 is the tank that really benefitted the most, its damage model was already considered busted my most and the spall liner on the Strvs turn your shots into 90mm apcr but the weak spots remain the same as any leopard so it’s not like it’s impossible to deal it with.

Most nato tanks needed it because of their weak hulls so I don’t want to see it get removed.

No it wont lol.
Abrams with 5sec reload
Leo A7 with amazing turret and good hull that you cant just point and click like on A6 or A5
STRVs same story.
Also Russia lacks CAS, Mig SMT or 27 stand no chance agaist F-16 or Grippen.
I’ve recently grinded enitre Russian TT and I’m happy only with T-80BVM and Pantsir rest is just meh

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I main the 2A7V and its hull it’s a 1 one shot kill anywhere, it’s a good tank for sure but it’s not Strv levels of protection

The lined vehicle is so OP, and the structural resistance of the Leopard tank itself makes it difficult to kill it. After having the lining, it was changed to 0 when one shot killed it! Delete lining! Or raise the lining car to 12.7!

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Yeah but little bit of front lift makes it immune to 3BM60

At long distances maybe but in CQC most people will aim center of mass and send you back to hangar, spall liners are good in that it increases survivability while on the move or in large maps.

Most weak spots aren’t covered by spall liners, and a good player will always know where to aim regardless.

I’m okay with 1 nation being somewhat OP instead of 3.


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