The Israeli wood planks for the lower grades

Would you like to see the Israeli tree also open to the lower ranks by adding models from the British Mandate period or by using teardown components and aircraft with fire suppression suitable for the same rank and by local improvised weapons?

Your post is not very clear. The “Israelis” did not have any armor during while the Brits were in charge or even during the early '48 war other than some home made armored cars. Is this what you are referring to?
Later they acquired Shermans and other odds and ends. I think the lowest they could go would be some Renault 35s they captured from the Syrians.


What does this have to do with naval?


Sorry, I’m a bit new and help with translation. I mean he added models of vehicles used by the British Army in the mandated territory

Making Israel a tech tree was the worst decision ever on gaijins part , it should have came in as sub-tt for the Americans as most of Israeli vehicles including those gajillion megach variants are developed from American vehicles .Israel has recently taken the trophy for the most garbage tt in warthunder (ground) from china with addition of aps/ptl-02 /Tor/mbt-2000 ERA buff for china , not to mention Israel tt has no future proofing literally no light tanks , no wheeled tank destroyers , no radar guided SPAA , imo adding low rank to Israeli ground would kill it’s already dwindling player base because ppl only play this tt because they can reach top tier faster as Israeli tt has only 4 vehicle slots .Israeli tt right now offers no variety , could have easily been a good sub tt for america but giving anything meaningful to america is gaijins kryptonite

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I totally missed the navy tag…

He posted on a wrong forum, but none the less, I would like to remind an excellent post by @super_cacti from the old forum:

This is what they say about the Chinese that their local creature is also a copy. And the current tree of Israel is the application of the developers to choose models that exist in other trees. There are many more original models of Israel. In the past, the discussion was similar and they suggested something else.

The thing is it’s not about copy pasting , copy pasting is not even an issue after the addition of sub tts. I am talking about versatility within the tech trees a tech tree that offers non-ir spaas , tank destroyers (beam riding atgms and wheeled ), light tanks , Atleast 2 independent mbt lines with good mobility and damage tanking models is better than just having megachs and merkavas at top tier it stops players from 1 death leaving

As I said, it was the decision of the developers how to relate to the tree of Israel and where to place each model and also how to relate to each model like the example you gave about Makaba which operates completely differently in reality and it is not for nothing that it is considered among the good tanks And it’s not just the front engine like many things that are not used in this tank that detracts from the game’s ability compared to the offers and it’s known in the past that developers have a tendency to give preference to the models of their country so just as much the opposite to their beginners that in reality their technological superiority was tamed

I’ve posted the suggestion on this new forum too :D

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