The insane hitbox problem

Is absurd how bad implemented are the most of the hitbox and collison models in this game, is not rare your shots are stoped, your plane destroyed or your tank blokeD by a invisIlbe force and this is the huge and horrible made hitbox.
Not long time ago Gaijin annouced a fix for this problem but is not fixed (what a surprised) the lack of good quality in this game just reach most of the time absurd levels.
Try to shoot that Jagdpanther but was impossible.

Same here, impossible shot between the space of the destroyed barrel and the wall.


On several maps, there are rocks with larger hitboxes than their texture.

Moreover, there also needs to be some standardization regarding what can be destroyed and what can’t.

It’s also really confusing with containers, train cargo, and similar objects - some you can shoot through, and others you can’t, even when it’s the same object on different maps or the same map but in different locations or versions.

Additionally, some trees can be destroyed, while others of the same variant are almost invincible.


OTOH its amazing that it works at all if you know how complicated it all is.