The inbalance of experience between the players

I’m a new relatively new player, I have around 60 hours in game and I’m having quite a good time playing it however as of late, I just reached a br 4.0 tank and can’t enjoy the game anymore. I’m getting one shoted my lvl 100s that are in the same match as me even tho I’m lvl 9. I know that the game is Br based however, the lvl 100s have experience, that experience that they have since they played for thousands of hours is impossible to surpass, at least for me. They have map knowledge, know tanks weaknesses,and overall they are just better. I find it impossible to kill them as they always flank or come head on and one shot me. I hope Gajin does something bc this needs to change! I and many other players can’t even get to the point bc there is a lvl 100 camping somewhere at 4 km away and snipeing us as soon as we get in his range. IT IS IMPOSSIBE DO ENJOY THE GAME ANYMORE! The lvl 100s are now evrywhere and in evry match there is at least 2 or 3 lvl 100s on each team.


So, in many old games, there is the same problem, not only in WT. 100 LVL is not a guarantee that they will play well, they can go on the same erroneous routes, be inattentive. The only thing they are better at is knowing tanks, strengths and weaknesses. But after playing for a while, you will start to know this yourself too.


I have been there ,maybe we all have and its something we all go through. Its not about level 100 like you think it is though.It’s about moving in to a new BR and new era and getting used to it. I have been level 100 for years but I play below 6BR for a number of reasons but when i do Israel at 7.7 its different,same issue as you are having.


If You meet someone better who is able to destroy You, try to understand why You were destroyed in first place and next time use that knowledge to not repeat the same mistakes.


Agreed ,Watching replays is a must.I hear this talk of Chinese cheats and I watch the Chinese player who got 12 for 0 and see what a clever game they played on the replay.Opens my eyes and makes me better.


The game has a lot of balancing issues. I realized that once I reached Rank V in the german tech tree. And on top many maps have shitty desgins that benefits spawncamping, therefore these matches are pretty much over within the first 5 minutes and no one seems to adress the problem. Sometimes I wish I could report the players for bad sportsmanship.

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Young man, does this level give you anything?
I’ll switch to my 2011 laptop and you’ll easily beat me on Ha-Go even if I’m on KV2…

We’ve all gone through the same process so it’s not something new. All just experience from playing the game.

Now I don’t know if you’re playing arcade or realistic, but my suggestion is to slow down and don’t be in a hurry to unlock the next level until you get comfortable playing the game.

A lvl 100 just mean time in the game and doesn’t always translate to better. I’ve seen lots of lvl 100s that are just as clueless about the game as newer players.


The official reason for not adding skill based mm is the queue time, but i think the main reason is there is really no good way to implemented it that will satisfy other ppls, u could do it by level but since there are air, ground and naval, a person could be lvl 100 at air but 5 at ground and vice versa. Plus level itself isn’t a great way to identify skill.
Skill based mm wouldn’t work well either since there are like 10 millions gamemode with a whole range of br which means a lvl 5-20 with top tier premium could be waiting for like 15min without a game. Nobody likes waiting that long for a match = less (new) players buying that prem = gaijin lose money.
tldr: Too much of a hassle and hurt gaijin bottom line so it probly a no go.


Dont rush to top tier and dont “main” nation. Yes most people play 1-2 nations, even some vets out there.

Playing everything game have to offer and taking it slow what makes you better. If you play all the nations you will get idea what they are good and bad at. Besides the higher you go, the more competetive game becomes.

On top of it all BR4.0 is probably the most competetive BR in the entire game. Just because it is really early on, a lot of WW2 stuff is there which gathers people not interested in later historic periods. This results in highest concetration of highly skilled players.

Later down the line it falls off and matches become more mixed when it comes to skill even if they are more competetive.


Level 100 doesn’t necessarily mean a player is good at all. Just the other night my friend and I were playing a Ground RB match squadded up together. We’ve both been playing this game for 10 years and we’re both Level 100 (have been for probably 9 years or longer… back in the day it was really easy to reach Lvl 100), and we mainly play Ground RB. I was in my Arado C-3 flying CAS, he was in his Ru 251. He was stuck at the C point with enemy players in front of him on the cap. I asked him to scout them for me so I’d know exactly where they were since I didn’t want to drop 1500kgs of bombs on my homie. He kept saying that he couldn’t because he was too busy trying to shoot them with his main gun. After the match were were talking and it turns out my homie, a 10 year WT vet, level 100 player, had no idea you could scout from the gunner view - he thought you could only scout from the binocular view! I couldn’t believe it!

So, yeah, Lvl 100 doesn’t necessarily mean a player is unstoppable or that they know everything about the game. It could just mean they’ve been playing the game a long time.


In a few weeks you will look back at your own post and laugh.You will be pushing 6BR and wondering how you struggled with 4BR

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The maps have been radically dumbed down to a accommodate new and the increasing numbers of low-skilled players. Gaijin recognise that the average ability of players has fallen to the point where they felt the need to put on-screen messages advising such complex strategies as hiding behind hills if being shot at.

What’s next? Making the game turn-based?


Constantly tinkering with maps also means that experience means less and less.What use is out of date map knowledge? Another reason why level 100 means nothing

And it takes time to learn how to play most effectively. By installing WT, you dont just automatically become highly skilled and efficient.

Another thing you can learn to defeat by observing the patterns of your enemy.

Always will be a few experienced players. Still, you are in a relatively low BR where most players are also newer to the game and thus less experienced.

Unfortunately (in my view) the game is still very team-centered. I have had many games in Air RB where my team gets absolutely rolled over and i am left to fight 8-10 enemies with at most 1 other ally. Not even skill reliably carries you over overwhelming numbers.

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Imagine they add in competitive into this game as well as casual. The queue times would be about 3 hours.